2 June 2024 5 new members!

Morning everyone! We have 5 new members to welcome! That’s about half of the number of snake eggs I found in the mulch pile this week! I’m excited about both and hope the new members here become very active!

@Marpleks joins is from Virginia and has had an endovascular treatment (coils). Kerry is also on a couple of medications and that’s all we know right now. Hopefully Kerry will start a new topic and tell us more!

@Alexanderreq is in Atlanta, Georgia and his 8mm aneurysm ruptured. Alex was rushed to the ED, had a craniotomy and stayed in ICU for two weeks. Alex is only 20 years old and has been able to recover a lot of his abilities in the last couple of months. He is also an apprentice electrician, Mexican, spends his time learning, playing games, chasing faith and spending time with family. I think Alex is on a great track and gives us ways to heal! He’s also started a new topic here Work after ruptured brain aneurysm please help him out!

@felicia is up in Ohio and has a 3mm right ICA aneurysm that was diagnosed last year. Felicia’s had her angiogram to get accurate measurements a nd has had 2 follow up MRAs. She has met with one Neurosurgeon who doesn’t recommend surgery yet. They found her aneurysm when she had a TIA last year. Felicia shares the anxiety of knowing she has an aneurysm is almost crippling on some days. We get it Felicia! We have learned coping mechanisms that can help, please join a new topic or better yet, start your own! Felicia is also a busy person being an ER RN and proud Mama to 4 little ones. I imagine working in the ER may be as hard as working in NSICU when it comes to aneurysms. Although I am a firm believer knowledge is a gift, it can be a double edged sword as well.

@jordan94 is in Southern California, Beautiful Redondo Beach born and raised! Jordan’s mother ruptured on 24 Jan resulting in significant impairments but is finally coming home! Jordan is trying to figure out resources and activities for Mom to do during the week. The family has hired a full time live in caregiver. Jordan doesn’t want Mom just staring at the walls every day. Jordan needs ideas on how to keep Mom engaged and activities to keep her stimulated. Jordan has already started a new topic here Activities For My Mom so some help and ideas are truly needed. Go Dodgers!

@reyesyolanda is also in California. Yola ruptured at her sister in law’s graduation and was treated endovascularly (coils). She shares she is 24 years old and gave birth to her sweet baby boy a month before she ruptured. I bet she’s busy with that little bundle of joy! When you’re not exhausted Yola, come talk to us!

That’s our newest members. Don’t they all sound very interesting? We love meeting new members and look forward to supporting each other!

Have a great week everyone! Do something fun and for yourself, especially the caregivers! Oh and before I go, for the folks joining, please look at your emails, even your spam or junk folders for the automated email. Seems I keep approving new members that haven’t replied to it, oops…

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