7 July 2024 Two New Members!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having an excellent month so far and finding ample support within BAF. I would like to welcome our newest members this week!

@FinWhaleFan is in New Jersey, United States. They just celebrated their one year anniversary of a ruptured brain aneurysm and shares excitement for a second chance at life! They have a 2mm x 1.3mm PICA, likely as a result of the aneurysm, developed hydrocephalus resulting in a VP Shunt, and is now working on a second Shunt after contracting meningitis this spring. They hope to be able to get back to traveling and go whale watching again soon!

@UKPatient is in Oxfordshire, Reino Unido. Alba was recently diagnosed with an aneurysm after their nephrologist recommended screening, as they also have polycystic kidney disease. Neurology has given them the options of surveillance or treatment but they’d like to hear from others with the same condition as they are unclear as to how to proceed. Alba also loves running and weight-lifting!

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