18 June 2024 new members!

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to welcome the new members to the Brain Aneurysm Support Community this week. I hope everyone is having an excellent month and finding ample support within BAF.

@Juluzi is in Pennsylvania , United States. Recently Julie was found to have a 2.5mm brain aneurysm. As her brain aneurysm was just found, she is awaiting treatment and looking for support during this time of uncertainty.

@jmg is in California, United States. Jason is currently trying to determine treatment approaches for an unruptured 6mm side-wall aneurysm on A1. Since this is an unusual location for an aneurysm, he has received contradictory information from doctors. He is unsure of what to do but has been advised to act soon. While treatment is still to be decided, the options considered are stent assisted coiling or flow diversion.

@sguz is in Nevada, United States. Susan is 53, has had high blood pressure since her 30s and her brain aneurysm came out of nowhere. Four days after her rupture, she went to the ER where they immediately did a CT and found the ruptured vein. She was then rushed to the hospital for surgery and stayed for 21 days. It has now been two months and Susan wants her life back, as she struggles with issues such as not being able to drive yet and getting super tired when she’s on her feet too long. Susan is glad to have found a group with others that understand her emotions.

@HeatherJ is in Tennessee, United States. Heather has recently been diagnosed with a hereditary brain aneurysm. Her mother had hers coiled, but her grandfather passed after his brain aneurysm went undetected. For treatment, Heather is in the process of scheduling surgery.

Please continue to be kind and supportive of one another as everyone navigates difficult times.