7 April 2025 welcomes

Oh my goodness, BH read me something from FB about the South. “I know Mother Nature is going to put North Carolina in the oven this summer, we just got seasoned with pollen and put back in the refrigerator to marinate.” It’s dropped back down into the 30’s for the mornings and we’ve been under frost advisories and freeze warnings for a couple of days. Nothing as bad as some of our northern States with half a million out of power due to the snow. I think they were New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. Hopefully they’ve got their power back on by now. There’s a major inconvenience when power goes out for a few weeks due to the weather or any other reason and that inconvenience can become life threatening for some. Be prepared for anything that comes your way. And if you have a gas generator, don’t be like I used to be, start it up monthly and let it run for 15-20 minutes to keep the carb clean. One time we lost power for a couple of weeks due to a bad winter storm. Ice was the culprit back then and took down power lines everywhere. We had a little hibachi that I cooked on and made our coffee/tea. Lots of blankets and such. The crew that came to the homes next to us were nice and said we wouldn’t get ours back on for another ten days. We didn’t have a generator and we didn’t have water because we were on a well. But we did have what the new guy needed - warmer clothes. We kept them in coffee, allowed the new young guy to come into the old house to warm up, gave him some warmer socks and my insulated coveralls I used when I was a commercial roofer. I didn’t use them much as I’d graduated university and moved into a job that related to my degree. That boy was about to go into hyperthermia, he was blue. That ounce of kindness was much appreciated by the crew boss and wouldn’t you know it, we had power back on that day! Be kind to others it helps.

Oh and I learned something this week that I am so excited about, I can’t sit down. I have been in PT for a few weeks now and I noticed that finally the pain in my upper thoracic area is easing up! It’s been a battle for years and no doctor has been able to figure it out. The MRI just showed a bit of arthritis and a wee bit of stenosis but nothing as serious as my cervical and lumbar areas that took a beating when I was hit by a drunk driver. Anyhow, the exercises they’re teaching me is for my neck but I’ve noticed they’re also helping reduce the pain in my upper back. Apparently those big muscles and the connective stuff were the culprit. If you’re in PT, do your exercises at home like you’re supposed to. Oh and if they give you a band and tell you to use a door handle, put the band on the handle away from you and then close the door. Ms Becky (PTA of 30+ years) showed me that as I couldn’t figure it out and was using a rusty pole outside, yes in 30 degree weather. Just call me brain damaged lol. It pays to get clarification when we can’t figure something out, no matter how simple. I’m really glad I asked! So that’s the ramblings for today, let’s get to the welcomes!

@worried is in the United Kingdom. Hannah’s Granddad has had two aneurysms. One was treated 30 years ago successfully. Ten years ago they found another that the doctors tried to operate on but couldn’t so they wrapped it in cotton. Hannah shares her Grandad is a wonderful Grandad and Great Grandad. Her Nan passed away 4 years ago. We can understand why your worried Hannah, please start a new topic under General or Support tab and we can share our experiences.

@Zakibu is in Croatia. Zaklina shares there are two small aneurysms and is on the watch and wait list as they are following them. Zaklina, we’d like to hear more of your story, just start a new topic under General, we are here to help!

@Cocejo is out in New Mexico, one of my favorite States, it’s where I learned how to fly fish! They also have the best sopapillas anywhere that we have been. Cassandra had a subarachnoid hemorrhage just in December 2023. It happens while she was working out. She had no prior symptoms before her rupture. The rupture had her in Neuro ICU for a month. Cassandra shares that she had 3 aneurysm and was treated with coils and stent. Welcome Cassandra! We can certainly help with your recovery, many of us have experienced a rupture and know the road to recovery can be long. Please start a new topic under the General or support tab and hit the “+” sign. We have learned a lot of workarounds that we can share with you.

That’s our newest members for this week. A big hearty welcome to y’all! Get outside weather permitting and do a walk about if you can. Any exercise can help, so get moving. Please be kind to those who come your way, you will reap the rewards.

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