6 weeks post clipping (non ruptured) blog

Sounds good. :smile:

Feel free to share. Glad it made sense to others too.
The missing black and white sections in the brain represent the bits that feel like they are not 100% yet, the planning, problem solving, memories. The words are in th shape of the section of the brain it represents ie the problem solving i the frontal lobe shape. The triangle is how they cut my skull so the parts of my brain that saw the light. And the prescription was inspired by you Trekhard and the less i stress, the less pain and the easier the recovery.


Shared it with my family and they love it!! They actually thought it was me as that was almost the exact cut out of my head (the large pink circle)!

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I had the same surgery ( 3 were clipped) and totally agree with what you said.
In my case, I am 3 moths out and my body lets me know when I did too much because I have to rest/nap and/or the next day I am worthless. My headaches have improved significantly and I rarely need my migraine medicine since end of June! I am having short term memory issues and wrong words come out when I’m talking, at any given time. Although I have these issues, I am ever grateful my aneurysms were detected and repaired before any leaked or burst.

Being in a vehicle and/or around too many people having conversations made me feel dizzy! Technology, lights, noises, TV, and/or too much stimuli made my head feel like jello and was an issue only for the 1sr 2 weeks after surgery. I also know my taste changed as I’ve always been an egg lover - to this day there are days they are delicious and others horrible! Initially, 1st 2 weeks all were horrible.

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I don’t know why I didn’t see your post last month…thanks for sharing! You are one of those fantastic members that found an older topic. This one’s 5 years old, so I get to close it. Thanks for helping me out!