6 weeks post clipping (non ruptured) blog


I have made a HUGE improvement the past 2 weeks. The first 4 weeks were basically static in recovery with a couple ok days, then a day or 2 not so great. I am now off all medicines except aspirin which the doctor mandates. I have been exercising and ramping that up a little bit as well. I feel just about ready to start work again (I feel ready but i have a very active job walking dogs and don’t want to overdo it. )

My head still feels like it has a mud mask on and I still have a few weird pains every now and then but they aren’t bad.

I am still not clear on how much exercise is ok because the nurse said, “you can do everything except life heavy weights”, but the resident I talked to last week said I should only be doing light walking or stairs. ???

I am feeling pretty much normal except for small pains I can live with.
After a few years of my own health issues, I have a few good days after surgery hoping for this to be my last issue. Last weekend we had to take my husband to the ER. He was diagnosed with a brain demyelating disease (such as MS), but we don’t know what yet. If his symptoms had appeared a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have been able to handle it emotionally.


My Neurologist and NeuroSurgeon mentioned to be that the minimum guidelines in returning back to work is 3 months after major brain surgery; however, as they mentioned, it really depends on each person’s recovery. In my case, I returned to work too early after my ruptured aneurym and realized how much much my new disabilities affected me. In hindsight, I would have taken more time off work. You had major brain surgery. I would start slow as the Resident mentions with very light exercise and gradually build your strength. Take notes how you feel. If your head still “feels like it has a mud mask and weird pains” means that you are still recovery. Light walking a for few blocks then gradually increase the duration. See how you feel. There are cognitive exercises that you can practice and see how you feel as well as how you handle yourself in high simulation environments like crowds, lights, and sound. Lastly, check to see if there are aneurym survivor (ruptured or unruptured) support groups in your area. If you sign up on Brain Aneurym/AVM Support Group by the Joe Niekro Foundation on FB, someone can give you a heads up if there is a support group in your area. You can hear other people’s stories. Hope the best for you.


Thank you that is very helpful.
I just passed 6 weeks (7 on Thursday in a few days) and have already planned to start walking dogs again next week. (I’m a pet sitter). I’m only going to have a few clients, but I hope I’m not going too fast. The doctor did not give me a timeline for going back to work.

I overdid it at the gym last week. :frowning: I did my workout very slow and without much weight, but then I thought I just give a quick try and did a few jumps (speed skater where one acts like they are on ice). I only did that 2 rounds about 20 jumps, but my head started hurting a lot that night (not immediately) and I got a stabbing pain next to my eye that night too. Now my head feels like it did a few weeks ago. Also my neck is hurting/spasming more again. Did you get that?

I am flying to see my doctor this week so I hope he will give me more guidance. I haven’t had much guidance from them so I appreciate the info.


In my experience with survivors in my group, each of us have different deficits depending on the location of the aneurym. My ruptured occurred by the brainstem. Another fellow survivor had rupture near same location. We have similar issues with our senses but not exactly. This survivor has issues with taste, balance, irregular eye movements. I have issues with balance, hearing, irregular eye movements. In my survivor group, there are some who complain of migraines and short term memory after a ruptured or non ruptured aneurym in the occipital area. When you visit your physician, ask the office your complete medical records (CT, MRI, angiogram and NeuroSurgeon notes). It is something good to have. In my case, as I developed neurological deficits, it was helpful as I had to see numerous specialists to get diagnosis and treatment. Based on your blog, you sounds like you are still in recovery as you are still having migraines and your head feels in mud. So, give yourself time to recover and take it slow. BTW, if you have neck spasms, do not get chiropractic adjustment. I have 2 friends who suffered brain stem stroke from a dissected neck artery after an adjustment. My aneurym ruptured 3 days after an adjustment. I used to get neck spasm but it was from the aneurysm ironically. After it ruptured, it went away.

Good luck to you.


I saw the resident last week and brought up my memory issue. He said, if you continue to have it in 3-6 months, let us know. so I didn’t get any info. It is a little concerning as my annie was on the side of my brain, the area controlling movement. my memory seems to be getting worse and worse. :frowning: I even took 2 pills one after the other last night (one was for my husband), and can’t remember basic things like which of my shoulders is hurting.