6 Month Angiogram results

Hi all, I had my 6 month angiogram this week. Didnt't go quite as expected. They found and put a stent in an aneurysm in my leg and told me that the already coiled ruptered aneurysm that i had in May was leaking. Told me they will have to add more coils. My question is has anyone experienced this? How did it go? Im a bit frightened. I go February 7 to discuss with doc. Thank you.

Hi Deborah...many need added coils...but I know before I was coiled no one discussed this possibility with me...I only learned about it here at BAF ~ I had an 18 month checkup (after many I was told all looked good)...angio...and told my coils have compacted and a small leak is getting to my aneurysm...asked if I would need more coils, told they will check in 2 years unless I have symptoms (Hello~)...the 2 year wait is because I had so many complications with my coiling that there has been too much damage and told my head needs to heal...I hope you get more input...because in my 2 years here, I have see many that needed added coils...~ Colleen

Thanks so much! I too had a lot of problems when annie first ruptured. I really need to ask more questions but it seems at the time I am somewhat in shock and cant think! My husband is the same..God love him. It helps to know that I am not alone!

hi Deb! yes my 3yr post sah had to be recoiled after 8 mths- it went well, think positive,they occluded 100%!! We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers-its much like the angio-up thru the femoral, lie flat, anestesia hang over etc etc-- just one more hurdle i always say! hang in there & let us know please!

I think there is some mistaken terminology being used here. If anyone has a "leaking aneurysm" that means it would be leaking out of the artery into the brain. This would require immediate attention and they would not have let you leave the hospital after the test. What the doctors are actually saying is that there is now blood flow back into the aneurysm sac. This happens because the coils can compact leaving a residual neck. From what I have read, this happens in up to 30% of all coilings. In some cases its so minor they just watch it, in other cases they add coils and sometimes a stent to hold them in place.

So the answer to your question is yes, it's actually quite common and has happened to me. I just has an MRA today to see what if anything needs to be done. I like you am waiting for the consult. Best of luck!

thanks tony..that makes more sense..the leaking thing had me scared to death!

Thanks ron...feel better talking with all of u...and appreciate ur support so much! Did u have to stay in the hosp. after ur recoiling?

Wishing you a Happy Friday Deborah...~ Colleen

Thanks so very much Colleen! U too!

hi deborah! yes i had to stay in the hospital overnight, and yes talking on here sure helps - i wish i had found this baf prior to recoil! write me if you need more info!