9 June 2024 new members, 9 members!

Oh my gosh y’all the dog wearing the cone work me up at 0130 to go outside and I couldn’t go back to sleep after her 30 minute walkabout. She obviously didn’t read Sergey’s message on my portal that he wants me to rest for a few weeks to see if that will help my cognitive issues. ROFLOL. When I asked what he meant by rest, he replied - do nothing. He says read a book, watch tv, stay off electronic devices I know he knows me better than that how can someone just do nothing? I’m falling behind on my chores as it is and we need to get a plumber out to check our on demand hot water tank, we’ve had no hot water since Friday night! I need my shower​:scream::rofl:

Let’s get to all the welcomes!

@NiamhyB is in France. Niamh has a 5mm irregular shaped MCA aneurysm with a wide neck. The Neurosurgeon has recommended clipping. Niamh shares she’s not sure what to do. We get it Niamh, decisions are hard, especially when it deals with our brains and methods of repairing aneurysms. She also shares that she’s Irish but has been in France for 20 years, married with 3 young and amazing children. Niamh, come talk to us, we are here

@gina66 is in NJ. Gina ruptured on 5/15/2023 coiled, shunt due to encephalitis after vasospasm. She’s having a craniotomy on the 24th of June and shares she’s very anxious. We get that too, who wouldn’t be? Take deep breaths and do something fun just for you each day. It helps, I promise.

@Trderr is in VA. Tom also ruptured in March of this year, he spent 3 weeks in hospital. I call my stay “spa therapy” Tom, we don’t have to do much of anything in ICU when we rupture do we? Be patient with yourself, if you have any questions, jump in a topic or start your own.

@HopeRN1 is out in CA. Hope also ruptured back in July 2023 and three more have been found, two of which were coiled and a stent was used to help keep the coils in place. The other is being monitored. Hope has been fortunate in that she’s regained almost all of her cognitive and physical abilities! Yay Hope! I like Hope’s comment “We each have our journey and it’s not always easy!” Truer words have never been spoken!

@meaniffer is up in DC and was just diagnosed with a cavernous/clinoid RICA. It was found when she started having vision problems and went to the ER on June 3rd, then Jen and her follow up with Neurosurgeon on the 5th. Jen rides her Arabian, Rafiki enjoying trail and endurance racing. Best of all, she’s already been active on the site 44 - Neurosurgery (1st appt) Tomorrow!. Please help her out y’all, especially if you’re an equestrian or know the surgeons she’s asking about!

@TracyP is down in FL. Tracy’s aneurysms were found in 2021 and she was treated endovascularly with coils and stent in July same year. She initially went to hospital for severe headaches and was treated but the week long pain meds didn’t help. Tracy went through all the images, CT and MRI both normal the MRA got her transferred to a different bed and a talk with a Neurosurgeon. She was released so the steroids could get out of her system. She’s got a lot fo allergies and needed to be tested prior to her procedure. Tracy shares it was the hardest 3 weeks of her life due to the migraines. The surgeon did a femoral entry and her plug popped out! Oh my gosh Tracy! If that wasn’t bad enough, she was on 3 blood thinners! Tracy shares she was listening to her heart monitor and the rhythm began to slow down. She had her discussion with God and it was not yet her time. We’re glad it wasn’t Tracy! We are here to help!

@Ygil is in the Dominican Republic. Yocasta has been recently diagnosed with 2 MCA aneurysms. Yocasta shares she has Bechets Disease and antipg (sorry I don’t know what that is). Yocasta would like to be treated in the States and is looking for the best hospital. Yocasta, you will need to start a new topic under General and ask the members or look up doctor recommendations using the search feature. Best of luck!

@Jennafir is in rural Missouri who has been put on the watch and wait for a 2 mm ACOM aneurysm. The neurosurgeon dismissed increase risk of rupture due to PKD. Not comfortable with his outlook at all!

@Mashman is in TX. We don’t know much about Melinda’s story since she’s just been diagnosed with an MRai and is waiting for CT. Melinda loves dogs! I’m sure you have lots of questions, come talk to us!

That’s our newest members! Hope you all have a great week!


So glad to have found this community! Thanks y’all!


So glad to have found this community too, it’s such a comfort and help to talk about our experiences and feel that we are really understood.
I’ve decided to go ahead with the clipping but not til early November as I have a few things to tie up first.
Anyone out there with an unruptured, irregular shaped MCA that had the clipping done recently?
Would love to hear about your experiences and any advice you may have.
Stay healthy and happy xxx


We’ve definitely got others out here with irregularly shaped aneurysms. I can’t remember who’s who, so hopefully some will find your post.


Please start a new topic, I’m sure some members will be more likely to read it. Just put it under General tab…

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