5 years ago…

It’s been exactly 5 years since my ruptured brain aneurysm turned my world upside down. The doctors were honest that bleeding in our brains can change us. I am slower and anxiety to the max. Apparently that is very common. I am alive and working on the new me! I was at my perfect health and weight and exercising on a regular basis then suddenly boom.

I never heard of the term ruptured brain aneurysm until I had “the worst headache of my life” while visiting Boston in June 2017. It came without warning and if not for my sister, being there and taking me to the hospital, I wouldn’t be here today.


Congratulations! It’s a wonderful journey we get to take when we survive a rupture. For most of us, we get to view life in a much simpler way.


I think things like this can help us to re-evaluate what is important. My wife had a heart attack at the end of March (we are both in our upper 50s) and it prompted her to realise that life (and health) are not to be taken for granted. I had my similar “moment” back in 2016.

Since my diagnosis, I’ve taken early retirement and my wife will retire this week, a couple of years early. Good stuff can come out of the bad.