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5 years ago


5 years. It’s amazing. It’s wonderful. It’s still scary.
Hi, I’ve never posted on here but have been reading for almost 5 years. My husband posted 5 years ago. 5 years ago, my husband and son were camping totally unreachable by phone. My mother had just moved here and the truck was showing up with all her belongings. I experienced the worst pain in my life thought I should call an ambulance but went to her place instead. How I drove there I still don’t know. Felt sick all day (all weekend actually). She drove me home and I went to bed. Finally on Monday I said it’s still not better so I had my mom take me to urgent care. Yeah, they couldn’t help me. Wanted to call an ambulance but my mom was driving so they didn’t insist on it. Went to the er. Didn’t leave the hospital for 10 or 12 days. Have a lovely scar covered by hair since it was too large to do it without cutting into my scalp. Amazingly I wasn’t afraid? Maybe I was and blocked it out. Took 6 months til I felt I could drive.
I still go to bed early but also wake up early too. No problems either. Except I don’t always remember names and some stuff is just gone.
Just wanted to share that 5 years ago I had the worst headache of my life and I’m still here.


Wow! What a story you tell. So glad you came through the surgery and are here five years later to share your story. My doctor warned me about the thunderclap head ache, but thankfully I never had one. My annie was treated with coils and stents last Dec. and all is well.

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Jennifer, You are extremely fortunate! I’m glad you shared your story. Perhaps you can help others who are recovering from a rupture by sharing your knowledge,

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Amen Jenn and God Bless…It’s now been 14 years since my Brain Aneurysm where I was actually declared brain dead three times and one more time the next year with a massive P.E. Please anyone and everyone who is interested in reading my personal testimony, please just look up my name: Paul M Umbaugh III…God Bless !!!

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