5 sleeps to go

Wednesday the 15.09.2010 I am of f to the hospital to get ready for the 16.09.2010 for re-coiling and stents It has been a rough road lots of bumps along the way but I do have hope and I do have angels in my corner. just a bit nervous and a bit anxious started blood thinners today… let the count down begin…

by the way it is the 10th today here lol

I am a recent aneurysm survivor but do have another one that will have to be repaired.

My Prayers are with you …God bless you…and keep you strong.


thank you Shirley :slight_smile: keep well God Bless

How are you doing?

Hi Michele
I am doing really really good I have got my vision back and I don’t have slurred speech anymore!!! The operation was a total success I am so very lucky. I thank God every day for my 2nd chance for living,
must say I still get very very tired sill
Thank you for asking

Thoughts and prayers for you!