5 May 2024

Good Morning Community! Today is Cinco de Mayo, a celebration of the Mexican army defeating the much larger, better outfitted French army back in May 1862 in the State of Puebla. The winning of this one battle would have world wide implications effecting even the American Civil War. The Mexican Army showed the French army was not invincible. Napoleon III backed out his support for the Confederacy here in the United States or the South may have one and the USA would be a different place. It’s also apparently more celebrated here in the USA, then it is in Mexico except of course in Puebla. Mexican Independence Day is 16 September in case you didn’t know. So, if you’re here in the USA or Puebla, and you’re of Mexican heritage, Happy Cinco de Mayo! Enjoy the festivities and food everyone!

It’s been a wonderful week. We finally got those five blasted Bradford pear trees removed. Yes, they’re pretty but when they bloom the smell really really bad, when your running the mower over those dropped flowers they smell worse. NC is asking people to remove theirs as they are quite invasive. They also break during wind storms. But yet the State is allowing those nasty trees to still be sold. One would think if the Forestry Department is asking people not only to remove them but offering free replacement trees indigenous to our area, the State would ban the selling of them. Trust me when I say we don’t need anymore trees, though I will eventually get a few fruit trees planted and maybe figure out a place for BH to have a Blue Spruce… But it’s a case of one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing I think. Now I need to eradicate another invasive plant, wisteria. Not as easy to remove as the trees. I just need to suck it up and get into the tangle of the stuff. My concern is snakes, specifically Copperheads. Strangely rattlesnakes don’t concern me as much, probably because there were a good number of them where I grew up in California. We didn’t have copperheads. They can’t be kind enough to give a warning before they strike. Maybe they’re like cerebral aneurysms that often don’t give a warning either before they strike us, both are nasty buggers.

I get to sit on the back porch this morning! I’ve seen chickadees, a cardinal and his mate, a mountain bluebird and some wrens, quite a morning. The rain is taking a break! We were supposed to get a mere half to three quarters of an inch yesterday, it was over two. I think weather forecasting and neurosurgery science have a lot in common as well. They know but they don’t know as there’s always something else that can happen, what do you think?

Let’s welcome our newest members! Before I get to them, thank you to all the members who’ve responded to the broadcast, it’s greatly appreciated! For those who don’t know, I rarely broadcast. It can be confusing, but it’s a request that gets to all the members to respond to a specific topic. A member just needs to respond to the original post, easy smeasy!

@Kenji starts us off this week. Ken is in Malaysia and is a relative of someone who has ruptured. 18 years ago Ken’s loved one had apparently ruptured. She ruptured again almost three weeks ago. Ken shares after the surgery, she developed vasospasms and hydrocephalus. Ken states she is still fighting for her life. We know how hard that fight can be, some win, some don’t, we always wish for the win, come talk to us.

@mattj is down in Florida. Also a relative, his father ruptured. Matt shares his dad is having some cognitive issues. Matt has to help pay the bills and shares his dad gets mad about it after Matt leaves. Matt is trying to help his Mom the best he can. Caregiving is a hard job for those of us that ruptured. We can share our experiences, both as caregivers and as people who ruptured, come talk to us Matt.

@Sj3037 is also in Florida. We don’t know what happened other than Steve is looking for guidance with his mother. Steve, you’ll have to start a new topic as well, we are more than willing to help!

@Missmjw1 is in Missouri (can you believe I couldn’t remember how to spell it and had to ask BH, my goodness! Can we say bad brain day?). Melissa had an MRI back in the week of Thanksgiving (November) and was told she may have an aneurysm. She had an MRA the following week and they suspected a 7.5mm aneurysm. She was scheduled for (endovascular) surgery Jan 11 this year and the surgeon found a second aneurysm. The first aneurysm was actually 13 mm and the second was 6mm. She now has two flow diversion stents one on her carotid artery and one on the communicating artery. Melissa shares she also has TSC2. Had to look that one up, I found this TSC2 for any interested. That’s a lot on your plate Melissa, we are glad you joined us! Please start your own topic or jump into a newer one!

@mason2024 is in England. Nicola shares there’s been a diagnosis of a 4mm cerebral aneurysm. That’s about all we know. Nicola has been posting and even started a topic found here New and need some guidance. Please help out y’all!

@FoxysFlowers is in Maryland. Fox’s mother unfortunately passed away from her rupture this past year. It’s taken a very heavy toll on Fox and family. Fox is looking to learn more about brain aneurysms, get involved and help. Death of a loved one just sucks Fox. I hate you and your family and to learn about aneurysms this way, it’s the hardest way to learn in my opinion. Ask any questions you want, jump in to a topic, we are here to help!

Ending our week is @AkhriPasta KC is in Singapore and also has two brain aneurysms, one on each side. The one was quite large and had to be treated immediately, endovascular method. They also found the other, smaller at 5mm and irregularly shaped. The doctor wants to watch and wait on the 5mm so that’s what’s happening. KC shares that the discovery of the two aneurysms was a shock and recalled to him a quote by Confucius about all people having two lives, the second when we realize we only have one life. KC shares it’s a bit more complicated than that. While he feels grateful to not have ruptured with the larger aneurysm, there’s still the smaller one that’s causing stress. We certainly understand that stress, please start a new topic! You can learn more about KC here Please Share your neurological symptoms post endovascular treatments of Non-ruptured aneurysm - #40 by Moltroub

That’s the newest members this week. Thank you all so much for joining. Remember if you have difficulties with the site, please reach out to me (@Moltroub) or the wonderful folks @ModSupport and we can help you. Also when replying to topics, please be cautious of replying to just the newer ones. You can tell which are new because they will just show how many days (a number followed by d, like 13d on the first post) or it will show a month and date (Mar 1). If you reply to older topics, there’s a great chance those members are no longer active and I will have to close it. You can tell older topics because they show month and year like Jul 2010. We would like to see everyone get replies, replies are usually made by members who are active now.

Have a great week. I hope you can go outside and enjoy a bit of nature!