5 June 2022 Welcome!

Can y’all believe it’s June already? Congratulations to all the graduates be it members or family members! Father’s Day is just a couple of weeks away, my goodness…

A big shout out to our newest members:

@cerrillos is in Texas a single mother of twins, disabled American Veteran (thank you for your service and sacrifice kiva) and a poet, my goodness! I bet writing poetry helps to defuse stressors. Poetry is timeless, in my opinion. Kiva has been on the watch and wait list for six years and will be receiving a flow diverter. Welcome aboard and no worries about participation level, come and chat with us when you have time!

@JeanneM is up in New York. A married mother of four. Luckily she went to a Neurologist who found a basilar tip aneurysm and had her Neurosurgeon consult and angiogram in January. Must have been concerning to her surgeon as they kept her and installed a WEB (Woven EndoBridge) device the next day! She’s just a few days from having coils and stent installed as her follow up showed the 5.8mm aneurysm was still at 4.8 x 3.7mm. We are here to help you when you want, just start a new topic under General or jump in to a new topic…

@tgarcia19 also from Texas has already jumped in and started a topic here 2 mm PICA aneurysm - #2 by Moltroub. She had an AVM burst and needed a craniotomy back in 2013. Now they’ve found 2 aneurysms. I’m unsure what is meant by the “main plot” either Ms Tanya, it might be good to add that to your topic. Perhaps a more knowledgeable member will know.

Welcome y’all!