4 September 2022 new members

Wow can y’all believe Labor Day is tomorrow! While in the USA anyhow, not sure of other countries. We hope everyone has a safe long weekend!

Starting the week’s roundup is Bass2022 from the Midwest here in the States. 4Stinger identifies herself as a “musician always and forever”. Recently clipped and now a metal head(sorry couldn’t pass that one up) with a titanium plate. Already posting and starting topics, check out her responses!

@Sagegreen is up in Indiana and was diagnosed this June with a 2mm aneurysm at the right carotid terminus. Linda has 4 children and 5 grandsons. I believe she may also have a bit of stress knowing she has an aneurysm as she’s “Trying to stay alive and not completely freak out every moment of every day”. Too much stress Ms. Linda, focus on that 9 player baseball team of yours…

@Jacque5 is down in Georgia had a ruptured aneurysm and was given a VP shunt. Jacque has also posted already!

@Angelica1124 is in Texas. Angelica was treated with a surpass evolve flow diverter stent for a fusiform aneurysm. She’s looking to receive and give support and is needing to know what others have experienced post device placement. We are ready to help out, just start a new topic!

We have John who was accepted today but needs to hit the automated reply…we will welcome him next week.

That’s the line up this week! Remember to be careful about posting under old topics, stay within current ones which will show you the number of days, or month and day as opposed to a month and year i.e. Nov ‘13. The older topics may not get the original poster to respond.