4 year follow up

Well news this week my MRA has been brought forward.

Get nervous every time scan appointment comes through, 4 years since my starburst haemorrhage. My coiled aneurysm has a small neck remnant which has grew from 1.5 to 3 tisla. So hoping that is not grew anymore that they would need to re coil.

Feeling blessed every year to be alive.

Sharon xx

I just had my 3 year and came through with flying colors. Hope you get good news, too!

Wishing you the best, Sharon, and hoping for no more growth. Keep us posted.

Thanks everyone :heart:

I share your outlook Sharon, every year is a blessing. I'm 9 months out, can't wait to get my "annual scan" to say everything's OK and breathe easily for another year. Good thoughts and prayers sent your way, keep us posted.