30 Oct 2022 welcomes to all our newest members!

Well I’m apparently a day late and a dollar short truth be told. I can rectify the dollar short if I can just remember to buy a lottery ticket with the winning numbers. The day late is what it is…here’s some amazing new folks who’ve chosen to join us:

@SharonD is in Colorado and is waiting to be evaluated by a Neurosurgeon. Sharon had some tinnitus going on, had her MRI and they found a 5mm basilar artery aneurysm. She has family history, her Dad ruptured and passed away at a fairly young age (44). Sharon, we re glad our members’ stories md outcomes have helped! We are ready to help some more, just start a new topic!

@PeggyH is in Indiana. Peggy had a rupture and was coiled with the addition of three stents! She ruptured 3 Oct 2022 and was still in rehab when she joined us! Hopefully she’s been released by now and is back home. Peggy is getting those dang headaches, has double vision and numb fingertips. We look forward to hearing more of your story Peggy, jump right in on an existing topic or start your own!

Last up is @BonB Bonnie is in Michigan. Bonnie is having a testing of strength it seems. Her story begins 24 Feb 2022 when her aneurysm was coiled, had surgery to drain off the fluid, two weeks in NSICU, radiation on an AVM that was discovered and finally getting the 3 month follow up MRI/A. She’s in vestibular PT but is still totally dizzy nC experiences a constant headache. She really wants a more normal life and I don’t blame her. On top of all this, she’s going blind in both eyes! You really do need a break Ms. Bonnie. We can offer you some support, just start a new topic when you’re able!

There’s one potential member that needs to look in their junk or spam folder as well as their email quickly and respond or the system will kick her out and she’ll have to reapply again.

That ends our week of welcomes. I apologize for not getting to them yesterday morning. I always come on in the morning. Anyone know the winning lottery numbers? If so, please send me a PM with them and I’ll try to remember to go buy a ticket. The sign yesterday said it was up to $999 million…