3 yrs. post ruptured aneuerysm as of 10/30/12

that aneurysm was a strike of lightening out of the clear blue. Multiple complications. Almost died. Drained my savings account because SSDI denied me for 19 mos. Back to work, driving etc. Neuro Rehab doctor took me off precautionary anti-siezure meds so got caught in a seizure landslide in 2010 & 11 mos of 2011. My neureologist said she should have never taken me off them in the 1st place 6 mos. post aneurysm clipping and that she shouldn't be practicing as a neurologist as her specialty is neuro rehab.

Just remember is anyone judges you tell them God said: "Do not judge her. You do not know what kind of storm I've asked her to walk through".

Good luck to all and you will make it back to normal.

Nyan Fackelman

Hello Nyan,

WOW you've been thru the ringer! So glad to hear you've "made it"! I take it your aneurysm burst? Did you have a clipping ? Good God, and to have to go thru going off the seizure meds and the outcome of it, You must be one very strong lady. Did SSDI ever kick in ? (my 1st aneurysm was clipped in 1998, however I had no SSI to rely on either), but on my 2nd aneurysm in 2006 (which nearly killed me off), I was placed on Disability for a year afterward, thankfully. My aneurysms were so totally out of left field as well--I still find it hard to fathom !

I hope you continue onward in your recovery, and it sounds to me like nothing is gonna stop you ! !


I am totally recovered. It's long past history. i don't even think about it anymore at all. Just a mogul on the ski slope. God is always in the driver's seat regarding anything.

hi Nyan! im 3 too!! thanks for sharing-im so glad to hear you're back to work! that is good news! luv your closing thought- back to normal. Bless You!

Thanks Ron. Don't you agree in the long run it was just an unxpected rock in the road? Just hope some of the new victims read all of this.

hi Nyan-well thats on way to look at it!! good to hear your optimism! ummm only if the rock was the size of a bus and it fell on my hood!!!-lol or a meteor direct hit! sorry im feeling a bit blue. My roller coaster hit the bottom and derailed i think but thats ok -you got the right outlook, and now i can work on mine! You are an inspiration T-Y i feel better already!

I derailed when that idiot neuro rehab doctor took me off anti seizure meds but got in the right hands of a great neurologist and I'm back to normal. there are two ways to look at life. Either nothing is a miracle or everything is a miracle. I'm not overly religious, spiritual yes, but I trust in the Lord. I were my cricifix again being Lutheran but, have you ever read "Footprints in the Sand". He carried me so now it's time I carry him. you will completely recover. Even my incision line from craainiotomy has almost completely disappeared from palpation and my hair has long ago grown back to shoulder length and it hides that damned dent in my right temporal region. I still can't believe I had 1/2 of my skull removed and survived a stroke and subdural hematoma when they put my skull back on. Geez Louise!

Good to see you Nyan...it has been a long time...Glad you are doing better...and sound upbeat...to continued healing...~ Cyber~thoughts your way ~ Colleen

Colleen, I am healed like nothing ever happened. How are you? I forgot when you aneurysm ruptured. What are you doing these days? Just e-mail me directly and not through this website. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■