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My Grade 1 annie ruptured and was clipped in August 09. Although I came away with no neurological damage I have had ill health since then.

I have been suffering with headaches, pressure in my head, bad balance issues, extreme fatigue and constant viral infections (most recently viral arthritis) . It will come on as an attack for about 2 months or so and then clear up for a few months. I have tried everything from acupuncture to pyhsio and it doesn't seem to be improving.

In Jan 2010 after an MRI they also found a cavernous haemangioma on the left side of my brain. I have been told that this is not contributing to any of my symptoms.

Does all the above sound like a perfectly normal part of the recovery ?

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Hi Emma...I think you will find from many who answer your post...that many of us are still experiencing ill~effects after our annie surgery...I had a leaky 9mm annie on my basilar tip (told it was ready to rupture)...Thank~God I had surgery before that happened...anyways...the annie was coiled in November of 2010...I still experience many headaches...something I never had before my coiling...also, have dizzy moments and much anxiety...I think you will find fatigue to be a general thing many have even years after the annie surgery, truly no one knows parts of the brains that are touched and how they are effected...I find much of these things are the "new normal..." ... it seems that we are on a journey and all effected different ways...I cannot answer the viral infections and viral arthritis...but others may be able to help you out...

Sometimes just knowing we are not alone in our feelings, makes such a big difference...!

Prayers and Thoughts out to you Colleen

I have a coil and stint but I have been through anxiety,feet and hands swelling, weight gain, and when I first started out driving peripheral problems and dizziness (still get the dizziness at times and lightheaded/roaring sensation)-but also everyone’s surgery is in a different area of the head-so different outcomes are to be expected and healing takes time-I try to think each day will get better.

Reading the issues that you and others are experiencing is reassuring in a way. I too had surprising weight gain, 17 pounds in 6 months. That is about how much I had gained in the 45 years, outside of my pregnancies that is. Both the local neurologist and my primary care brushed it off. It seemed significant to me. I also have my hands and feed swelling even though I take a diuretic for blood pressure. The Drs. brush that off too. The neurologist even got negative at me for taking a nap and getting 8 hours of sleep at night. I'm only a year out from the rupture and clipping surgery. Thank you all for sharing your experiences and helping me believe that my symptoms are just that and not personal failures.

Dear Lleni,

Try acupuncture. I lost my energy after my flow diversion stent. I had a bleed out when they were removing the equipment. It took months to get it back. I went to acupuncture every week for months but it did help to get my energy back. You went through a trauma and that takes time to get over. Try also joining the exercise Group we all aim to do at least half and hour a day walking.

I am actually getting accupuncture and I think it is quite helpful. I was also thinking that it could help Dana with her leg. I also take an adrenal lift tincture I got from her. I take thyroid supplements too and have for years. And I have a once a week with a personal trainer which has slowly developed into a significant workout. I love it. I have to work on walking more because I wait for getting a friend scheduled to walk with me and she can't always do it right now. I certainly feel better on days I walk or exercise, happier. I gave up yoga because the class I like had too much downward dog and it doesn't feel good having my head down like that. Thanks for the ideas.

i been told its from the blood around the brain during the rupture, i have the same issues from the same year as you.