3 September 2023 Labor Day Weekend with a few members to welcome!

Happy Labor Day weekend for all those in the USA! Do you know why the United States celebrate Labor Day in September and not May like most of the other industrialized countries? Well, seems the Knights of Labor who was the strongest union of the time had organized a movement across the country for an eight hour work day and an increase in wages. In Chicago what had started as a peaceful protest on May 3rd 1886, ended up with police firing into the crowd resulting in some injuries and fatalities. On May 4, 1886 another protest was held in response to the police actions and it resulted in a bombing, killing seven police officers and four civilians (civilian numbers may not be accurate), known as the “Haymarket Riot” with scores of others being hurt. President Grover Cleveland decided on September rather than May to honor laborers due to the Haymarket Affair. You can read about it here Introduction - Haymarket Affair: Topics in Chronicling America - Research Guides at Library of Congress. And some background on what was happening around the States here https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn90059522/1886-05-01/ed-1/seq-1/#words=eight-hours+hours+eight-hour+hour+HOURS+eight+EIGHT. I’ve read that because of Haymarket, laborers around the industrialized world began their own protests and celebrate in May as an acknowledgment to the big movement in the United States. Interesting to know the history of things isn’t it?

Let’s get on to the welcomes!

We get to start with @sjpertner. Joe is up in Ohio and is one heck of a lucky man. He woke up in the middle of the night with what felt like a lightening bolt going through his head and then waited four days to go to hospital. I’m pretty sure that his six kids are glad he’s still around! We certainly are glad.

@deedeeone is out in California. Denise ruptured in November 2021. She was hospitalized, treated endovascularly with coils and in nursing home for three months. She’s still trying to reclaim as much of her life as she can. Takes a good long time, be patient with yourself. Denise also likes to do puzzles and word games, good for you and your brain!

@Laura_IN is in Indiana. Laura also ruptured and was treated with the endovascular method. She ruptured in July 2020 and spent three weeks in NSICU. She’s a history nerd who loves to bake and craft! Hope you liked my rambling today😂

@srekesh.sv is in Kerala, India! Sreekesh was diagnosed with an aneurysm and treated by the endovascular method over a year ago. We hope you are doing well!

That’s this weeks newest members. Remember to not post any information you don’t want the entire internet to read, so no phone numbers or email addresses. You can always send a PM by clicking on the member’s avatar. If you run into problems navigating the site, let myself or @ModSupport know and we will help you out best we can. Please start a topic and introduce yourselves, ask questions or respond to an existing topic, just makes sure it’s not an old one.

“The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work” - Oprah Winfrey

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Very interesting, had no idea. Thanks for sharing!

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