26 Feb 2023

I think it’s almost afternoon…bit of a late start with welcomes this morning because I went back to bed, a rarity for me but I sure feel a lot better! Like members often say, we need to listen to our bodies. I believe mine was so mad at me it went on strike and we’re in a right to work State😂. Don’t push yourself so hard that your body needs to go on strike.

We are pleased to welcome some new members and this week we get to start with

@PibbleParentKelly out West in La Ciudad de Los Angeles, aka City of the Angels aka Los Angeles, California. An area with a colorful history dating back well before the Spanish take over in the 1700’s and my Dad’s favorite sandwich, Mike’s hockey burger. Kelly shares that her mother had a ruptured aneurysm almost ten years go at the age of 63. This past year, Kelly thought she had a severe ear infection. Instead it was a dissecting cerebral artery (a tear) that fortunately resolved itself. The CT scan revealed she has additional aneurysms that are being monitored which apparently the MRA/I didn’t catch. She has recovered from the first incident with no negative effects. I’m sure her rescue Bully is happy with Mom being so lucky!

@lorenl is up in Pennsylvania home of American Independence, the Liberty Bell, Hershey’s chocolate, Philly cheesesteaks and something called city chicken which has no chicken. Loren was rushed to the hospital just last month and now has coils and a stent. She’s been teaching for 21 years!

@salmone is in the north west up in Washington State with Mount Ranier, Mount St.Helens who covered ash all the way to Northern California back in 1980 I think it was and other volcanoes as well as the famous Seattle Needle and quite a few variety of apples. Elliot had a rupture which required a stay in ICU and is enjoying mostly a full recovery. A very good thing with them having two children under the age of 10!

@jenica is here in North Carolina, a Southeastern State, besides being part of the original 13 colonies, it too has a colorful history with the lost colony of Roanoke (they up and disappeared with only two clues “Croatoan” and “Cro”) back in 1590, there’s also the Wright brothers flying the world’s first successful motor operated airplane and my personal favorite Moravian chicken pie. Jenica ruptured last September and whilst sleeping, her husband saw her having a seizure. He called 911, emergency number here in the States, and she came to while he was on the phone. She only remembers arriving at the ER but her husband tells her she was responsive. Fortunately her husband strongly advocated for her as she was put in the low priority list by the nurses who thought she was fine. Jenica’s total time in hospital was about a month. She also has two children ages 7 and 10. Jenica has picked up cricut has a hobby and I’m imaging lots of albums with pictures of her family.

@mealomi is in the Phillipines, a group of numerous islands, I think up in the thousands, with many diving spots in the movies. It’s sad to say I have never been there but I understand it is beautiful and we grew up with several dishes as a mainstay for meals and Tagalog is their language. Not much I know…. Mary had her SAH on the right side went into the hospital 5 Dec 2022 and out on the 28th. After a week home, her right eye began giving her problems starting with a lazy eye and eyelid drooping. It is now closed and won’t open unless she pulls on her eyelid. Her neurosurgeon told her to just observe it and to have a follow up CT scan a month after. She also has non obstructive hydrocephalus (Different Types of Hydrocephalus | Advanced Neurosurgery Associates). Mary says she’s “quite paranoid with my eye and the hydrocephalus” and is asking if anyone has had similar experiences. Mary, please start a new topic under General and ask the members! Mary is also a mom of two ages 13 and 3.

@DebDeb is in the Western region of the United States. Deb has had complex migraines for about 8 years and recently went to the ER. CT shows a small aneurysm which may play a role in her migraines or may have been caused by her migraines. It sounds like the doctor hasn’t narrowed it down yet. She is just starting now working through treatment.

Welcome again!