3 more days

Hello again everyone. For those of you on the sight that missed my last discussion. A couple of weeks ago.I wanted to let everyone know that I will be having my 5.8 NM annie clipped on the 14th. Im 37 and I have three kids .My oldest a girl 17 was born serverly disabled with cerebral palsy. Two boys 12 and 8.
Oh my God!! Three more days!! I’m trying very hard to stay positive. My family keeps asking how am I. And I always smile and say. “Im ok.” But I really want to scream,cry and say.“No I’m terrified!” But I don’t because I know that this will only make them worry more about me. So I hold my feeling in and take drugs to cope and fall asleep. The one thought that stays in my head 24/7. After the surgery I just want to wake up!!! I don’t care about the pain or the tubes and wires that will be in me. Dear God I just want to wake up. I’ve had surgery before and it was scary too. I don’t even remember going to sleep. I didn’t even dream… But I do remember waking up. The first thing I asked was What time is it? I had only been out 2 hours. I know my clippings will be longer.So to all of the clipping survivors please share with me all of your stories and to everyone who reads this please please pray for me and my family.

Hi Valerie! I'll be thinking and praying for you and your family. I had a PED put in Aug 2011 and I had a lot of fears and doubts as well. Just stay positive!!

You have my prayers sweetie...~ Colleen

Valerie, you are in my prayers.

Valerie-you will be in my thoughts & prayers. Wishing you a quick and peaceful surgery and recovery. I sympathize with you. Until I turned 50 the only time I was in the hospital was to have a baby. I have white coat syndrome bad. Once when they went to put in the I.v. my blood pressure dropped so low they had to tump the bed upside down so the blood would go back to my head. It’s funny now. I wasn’t laughing at the time though. I always say the worse part of surgery is the I.V.

Hi Valerie!

I remember so clearly feeling like you before surgery. One of the Hopkins staff handed me an old Oprah magazine to read from April which was National Poetry month, and buried on one of the pages that I just happened to turn to was a poem from a friend and former teacher of mine that spoke quite clearly to me. I hope you find solace and strength in it as well: won't you celebrate with me I wrote the last three lines on the white board of my hospital room where I could clearly see them.

Prayers of strength and healing for you, peace and steadfastness for your family, and steadiness and insight for your surgeon--


Thanks guys. I really liked the poem Tara.

hi Valerie! definately got you in my thoughts & prayers for strength and fortitude! You are doing great! keep up the good work- tell family your fine because YOU ARE!!! think positive as possible, and when you need to vent come on baf site! your on the right track- please keep us posted- we care!

Hi Valerie,

Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you and your family. My coiling procedure is this week too, Jan. 25. Keep us posted. Let's keep thinking positive!


Many heartfelt prayers going out to you, Regina, and your family. I pray your surgery will be very successful and your recovery will be as pain free as possible. God will have you in his hands =)

Regina: Prayers to you and your family as well during your procedure. I have faith that "if God can bring you to it; he can bring you through it." Many blessings to you both

Give us a post when you can! I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! Celebrating the success of your surgery!