28 April 2024 month end with our newest members!

Good Morning Everyone! I set my brain back yesterday. I decided earlier this week to get my nails done professionally, something I may have down 2-3 times, in my entire life. Since I ruptured, I don’t do a real good job of it, but I try. I think it’s eye hand coordination but I’m unsure. It may just be my brain isn’t registering what I’m doing, still have a good bit of issue with visualization, so I can’t “see” the file or nail clippers before I do the next step. Anyways, we went to the nail salon as soon as they opened. It was loud and bright of course. Took me awhile to get the seat adjusted correctly due to my height. I didn’t know to tell the woman not to use the dremel looking tool and it sure is high pitched. And all the talking, oh my goodness! When I got past the pedicure to the manicure station, the woman next to me told her person, not to cut them that short. I looked at mine and oh my! The only time I’ve cut mine that short has been when I broke a nail or ripped it on something. I’ve messed up several of my nails over the years, hitting them with hammers, horses have stepped on several of my toes things like that which make the nails grow differently. But goodness gracious, was I shocked with the cost! I’ll not be going back for several years, I’ll stick to my pitiful ways :rofl:.

With everything at the nail saloon which is a good drive from our home, we grabbed a bite to eat. The restaurant was also loud. Everything started feeling brighter, the lights inside, the sunshine outside. We’d had a busy afternoon on Friday so I was getting past exhausted. Then BH decided we needed to start looking at replacing our oldest vehicle with a newer model. By the time we got home, I was a mess. So my afternoon plans went out the window!

Then we decided to go get ice cream at our favorite place. And guess what, it was loud! There wasn’t anything special going on, but I guess a lot of other folks wanted ice cream too. The teenager was trying to get my choice out (double dark chocolate and toasted coconut) and he was having a very hard time with the new containers. Three times I suggested he run the metal scoop under hot water. Three times he ignored me. It wasn’t sitting well. So when he went to get the last scoop, I told him to listen. I guess I wasn’t exactly nice about it, BH says I was just stern. He finally listened and was surprised at how easily he could get it out. Another young man was having the same difficulty with BH’s but the young girl jumped right in and ran it under hot water. I guess the creamery doesn’t teach these kids what to do. Hopefully they’ll pass the knowledge around, just like we do here!

After we left, I mentioned I needed my haircut and BH suggested we go but there wasn’t any way I could stand it. My words were a stuttering mess, my brain was overwhelmed. We knew the signs, BH was just waiting for me to acknowledge them. It is my responsibility now to recognize my symptoms, it probably always has been, I just couldn’t do it early on. A few hours later and I was able to help cook dinner, but that was all I could do. We ate dinner a little later than usual so we went to bed a little later than usual, it didn’t see me long to turn off my light. I always read when I go to bed, it’s what I’ve done for most of my life. I usually get 30 minutes in, I don’t think I made it 10!

One of our dogs decided she wanted out at 0400, really? She did what she needed to do about ten strides off the back stairs and then they ran to the wood line. Must have been deer out there due to the way they were barking. Ohana got zapped a time or two. It’s set really light but she still helps at the warning. Before the sun came up there were some wild turkeys visiting. The dogs aren’t too excited about them for some reason. Squirrels and deer are another story. We, or should I say I, bury the occasional squirrel they manage to catch. I hope they never catch a turkey, it’s too much work to get off the feathers and prepped for roasting and I’ve never been keen on the scalding done to remove the feathers, I don’t like the smell.

Along with all that, I’ve had to take extra allergy medicine, the pollen has been really bad, write your name on the car bad. Mostly I do the daily OTC stuff, but I also have a much stronger prescription and I’ve had to use it several times this past week. It can put my brain into a fog the next day. As soon as the catkins stop falling I’ll be better, I just wish they’d hurry up about it😂

Let’s get to our welcomes! One of my favorite things to do as your Moderator!

@Britgirl starts us off. Britgirl is down in Texas. She was treated with a stent on the 5th of February. I’m unsure if she’s seeing stars in her one ye before the stent or after, we’ll have to wait and see what she shares. Hopefully we’ll read something under the General tab so we can help if needed.

@Jamie2470 is up in Minnesota. Jamie is currently on the watch and wait. Jamie was just diagnosed with the brain aneurysm and needs to see the surgeon. Jamie also shares the need to talk to there for support. We can certainly do that Jamie, come talk to us by starting a new topic under General or Support.

@Thearcherswife is way up in Canada. I just figured out that Rhonda’s spouse must be an archer, I’m slow🤣. Rhonda had a cerebral angiogram and has two mirror aneurysms. She’s waiting to see the Neurosurgeon about clipping or coiling. I understand it can take awhile to see a specialist in Canada, I hope the appointment is soon. Rhonda is also a Grandma of 5! I bet those young in’s keep her busy!

@tlc4pit is west in Arizona. Traci’s husband ruptured and is home now. She shares he’s having problems with memory, confusion etc. Traci needs our support and guidance on how to help him without making his frustration worse. If you’ve ruptured or are a caregiver please help her here Husband recovering from ruptured aneurysm-need advice. by sharing what has worked for you or your loved one.

@Halyna rounds up this week’s welcomes. Halyna is way down in New Zealand. Halyna shares her partner ruptured 4 months ago. Although there are no serious complications, there is struggling with severe anxiety and low self esteem. Halyna has joined us hoping to learn more about how to support her partner. She also shares she’s a vet nurse, animal lover and loves to run and hike. I hope Halyna has a dog to do those things with!

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