26 March 2023

So another week has come and gone and we are still here! I want to thank everyone for keeping the support group going, y’all are the best, keep it up! One of my favorite newsletters that I read weekly has a wonderful sentence -“I only live for the day but I’m one day behind”. Hope Tim has given you the same chuckle he gave us!

We get to start the new member welcomes with

@Goldmountain Tim is down in the San Diego California area of the USA. It sure has grown since I lived in Chula Vista back in the 1960’s! Tim is “scared as hell” having a complex dysplastic aneurysm involving the distal left middle cerebral artery with severe proximal M1 stenosis. (Honestly, I had to Dr. Google that one, this is old but explains a good bit https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/full/10.1161/01.STR.0000128018.57526.3a. This one isn’t old and explains compels aneurysms Management of Complex Cerebral Aneurysms - PubMed ) Tim’s doctors want him to change his lifestyle, addressing diet and stress, we know a good bit about those orders as we all end up being told the same. Aggravatingly, Tim feels his doctors are not as concerned as he is and they are passing the buck to another doctor. We can help as much as we can Tim, how about starting a new topic?

@Ngee is up in British Columbia, Canada! Ngozi had a bad headache that was severe and an ER visit was called for. Fortunately they did do a CT scan and I believe the aneurysm had ruptured as Ngee had an immediate craniotomy and was clipped. We’d love to read more of your story Ngozi, please start a new topic!

@KrysG is down in Florida. Krys has a great sense of humor she had no choice as she grew up in a loving family with abounding humor! Krys’s family taught her a great philosophy in my opinion, she writes “…taught me that no matter the storm that is brewing around you, family love and a heart laugh will pull you through any challenge”. (We might be related as this is what my parents taught me as well🤣). Krys has some trials and tribulations along her life path. She lost her Dad to cancer when she was 19. At 25, she had a ruptured aneurysm and was in a coma. All this after she passed the bar exam, was planning a wedding and trying to find a job. She had a life flight to Tampa in 1994 where the treating surgeon was shocked she had made it. They were going to wait but she went into surgery the next day and it was clipped. After ten days of being in a coma, Krys woke up with very little knowledge, couldn’t spell nor read, though she could recall people’s faces, just not their names. I love this as well -“My life has been in self-rehab mode ever since.” For those of us here, we certainly get that! Guess what folks? Krys is a practicing attorney, has three great children and is at a point that she can camp with her computer in tow! I feel Krys can help us out a lot with her experiences. Welcome aboard Krys, can’t wait to read more of how you were able to overcome the obstacles you’ve faced!

To finish off this week, we welcome @AHam1115 down in Georgia aka the peach state, though in the South we like their vidalia onions. Ange is waiting for her procedure on her 8.5mm aneurysm located on the Anterior Communicating Artery. She’s had no symptoms from the aneurysm that was discovered during an MRI for an inner ear infection. She’s doing all the pre-procedure things, blood work ups and premedication’s for her craniotomy. There’s family history as her Dad had the same type of aneurysm and was clipped when he was 40, he’s 85 now! I think that’s the longest period of being a survivor I’ve read about. Ange is looking for information on the WAN (basket procedure) and stent. She’s already replied to a topic Did anyone experience dizziness/lightheadedness with their unruptured annie?. Thanks for answering g my question Ange! I would suggest you start your own topic on the WAN so members who know can reply!

Some housework -

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We are trying to unpack and I get easily overwhelmed with all the mess and everything else that comes with living in a new home, so I’m really leaning on y’all to keep the support going! You are all simply amazing!

Have a great week y’all!