22 Jan 2023 another round of new member welcomes!

I have no pondering today to share, can you believe that? So without further ado, let’s introduce the newest members!

First up this week is @ALR. Amy is up in Illinois and is waiting for treatment for a 6mm right paraclinoid/opthalmic aneurysm.

@stillaliveandkicking is in England (user name made me laugh, thanks Erica!). Erica just received her MRI results and was waiting to meet with a neurosurgeon which I’m guessing she’s done. She knows they said said it was small and she is trying to absorb everything. She loves the mountains and hiking, I wonder if she’s been to the USA, we have a few mountain ranges here😂

Speaking of mountain ranges, @CatherineL out in California might be able to see some, perhaps the Sierra Nevada’s! Catherine has a 4mm aneurysm that was monitored for over 5 years! It started growing significantly and last year she had a pipeline embolization. She has had two children since her aneurysm was discovered which indicates she may be able to pass some words of wisdom to those who have an aneurysm and wants to have children.

Finishing up this week is @Cindylu who is also out in California. Cindylu is a friend of a woman who an aneurysm repaired recently and was talking and coherent and hasn’t woken up. I do apologize @Cindylu as I am confused with the days the events happened so I left those out.

Some reminders -

For those members not welcomed, please check your emails including your junk/spam in case the automated email was sent there.

For members posting, please remember to not reply to posts that have the month followed by an apostrophe and two last numbers of a year an example would be Oct ‘14. (That’s when I joined!). I haven’t closed all the thousands of the old topics that are here, I’m a bit slow. With sadness, some of these members are no longer with us, have moved onto greener pastures, or have email addresses that are no longer viable so there may be no replies. I would suggest not going beyond a four to six month old topic. It is much better to start a new topic by clicking on the + sign. Sometimes, you can send a private email by clicking on the avatar then click on “send message” if their email is still good, it’s one way t get a long time member to respond.

To those who have joined these last few weeks with a family member or friend who is in a coma, we continue to hold you and your loved ones in our thoughts.

Welcome to all the new members. I only found this site five+ years after my surgery and have found it very helpful to follow and share. I hope you find it helpful too. Best to all, take care. Jj