23 July 2023 introductions!

It’s Sunday y’all! And I slept in late, late, late. But here I am and ready to welcome the new members! I finally had the chance to read my latest MRI and MRA. I was asked to wait until Dr. Quintero-Wolfe signed off on them, not a problem. So I went over them and had a couple questions. One on the MRA that looks at my pituitary adenoma (it doesn’t look at the entire brain), I’ll share with you…what the heck is focal gliosis? I know I have had an issue with my neurotransmitters that send messages, I know I have a good bit of brain damage, someone told me a tremendous amount when I was in ICU and now I know more about the why of it. My wonderful NP, Ms. Ryann, was on hopefully a holiday as she won’t return until next week. Another NP answered and I wasn’t satisfied with the answer. She doesn’t know me so she doesn’t know what I need with answering my questions. It really isn’t her fault and I did ask her to dumb it down. Her reply was cell damage and not to worry. I’m not a worrier, but I still love to learn. So I went on the internet and found an article that explains glial cells in a really good way. For any of us that ruptured it is good to know what gliosis is and how it effects us. In layman’s terms it’s basically the damage we receive. So I needed to know what the heck are glial cells and what do they do…here’s the article: Glial Cells: Types and Functions I am impressed once again by how much our Neurosurgeons and their sidekicks need to know, not to mention the Neurologists and their sidekicks as well as the Radiologists who read the images! If you’ve learned something today, it’s a good day! Let’s learn who are newest members are so we have an excellent day, shall we?

We have @Sadia from Pakistan to welcome! Sadia received a stent and coils of course. Sadia had been suffering from pulsatile tinnitus for ten years! Was diagnosed with venous sinus stenosis and diverticulum. She had two stents and the coils. She is still recovering from the procedure. I’m not sure she has an aneurysm, maybe so. We can certainly help her with recovering from stents and coils!

That’s our Sunday welcomes!

I also want to help our members learn the difference between a brain aneurysm and one that ruptured. I had to do the same with my family and friends as they kept telling everyone I had a brain aneurysm, which I did, but mine ruptured and there is a world of difference between the two. Here’s a great article that explains it Brain aneurysm - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

I need to admit I did a big, humongous mistake. I accidentally deleted a member whom I needed to approve. I believe he is from the West Coast, though I may be incorrect, it’s been a rough week for us. I did reach out to @ModSupport and nope, they can’t retrieve his information. Mr. Richard asked if I remembered his email. Nope, I feel pretty bad about it and would encourage him to reapply. He can also check his email, especially the junk folder for the automated reply to click on. Hopefully that will bring him back, if not, he will have to reapply. I am deeply sorry I did this to you! I think you had ruptured…

Have a great week y’all I’ll see you in the topics and posts!


Thanku so much.I am 3 months post op. Still recovering. Facing lithargy,memory issues,nerves are irrritated.My right arm (brain angiograpghy was done through wrist and stents through groin) has not gained its power back. But I am satisfied as Pulsatile tinnitis was so debilitating.It makes my life worse.I regained my silence back.:heart_eyes:


If you’d like to ask the members anything about angiograms, we know a good bit…just post your question under the General tab! Glad to hear you can enjoy quiet again!

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Hi Sadia! Welcome! How did you get rid of tinnitus? going mad with it 14yrs! I too had intrveinous coiling (for SAH) I’m blind left side of both eyes and right eye is failing. This journey sure is difficult but together we will thrive! tc

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awww sorry that happened, dont be too sad, we’ve all done similar, tc