One year MRA

And thank the Lord above, all is good. PED is in place doing its thing, and the left side annie has not grown at all in a year.

It's indeed a blessed day!!!!

Much love to all,


Hi Linda,

Great news, must be a great relief for you. Now you can relax and get back to enjoying your life again.

Thank you Sue for your kind words!!!! You are sooooo right, hearing those words let me take a HUGE deep breath and I exhaled it hard!!

I thank God every day for giving me the strength to get through this journey and hope that I am giving back by at least touching one person a day and helping them through their journey!!

Thanks again for your words!

Hugs back atcha!!


hi Linda! congratulations- thanks for sharing-your our inspiration-continued blessing for you!!

Thanks Jennifer, it is a huge relief to know that the PED is working and that my other annie has not grown at all in over a years time. I take every day as a blessing!!

You are too kind for words Sue!!! Makes my heart fill with love knowing I can help as many people as I can!



Thanks Ron and a huge thanks to our Dr. Jabbour!!


That's the best news one could get, congratulations!

Thanks much Bonnie, I agree it is the best news!!