2 Year Annie-versary!

Today is the 2 yr anniversary of the clipping of my 2 annies. I was fortunate that they were found before they ruptured and due to the shape of one of them my surgeon told me that it would have ruptured within a year.

Thankfully I had an amazing surgeon and my surgery was successful. Except for a few minor things I deal with every day I didn't have any complications and was able to return to my job in a short period of time.

On my one year anniversary I went and got a tattoo to celebrate (the one on my shoulder in my pic). The swirly design represents the mixed variety of changes that I felt I was going thru mentally and emotionally afterwards, 2 hearts represent my 2 daughters and I had 2 yellow stars added to represent my annies…as if they were flying off into space.

This forum was a godsend to me as we all know, no one else knows what you’re going thru if it’s never happened to them and being that it’s in your brain no one can see the healing process you’re going thru.

Thanks to all for your wonderful support, it has truly meant a lot to me and helped me thru some very difficult times ((hugs!))

….now time for another tattoo?...lol

(((VALERIE))) Congratulations to you...enjoy your day...and do something nice for you...Happy 2 Year Annie Versary...Thoughts and Hugs Colleen

thank you Colleen! I'm at work today but this evening I will have a cake and blow out 2 candles.

This made me smile. Today is my 9mo anniversary of my 'accidentally discovered never ruptured' annie too. Love the tattoo's symbolism. Yay celebration!


Congrats ! ( Love the tattoo idea !) stay well,

Peace, Janet

Thank you all for the well wishes!!

My family all laughed when I lit the candles on my cake and had them all sing Happy Annie-versary! but they still did it :)