2 LVIS stents and coiling 5 June 2012

I am due to have my op in Adelaide tomorrow 5 june. The plan is 2 LVIS stents + coiling on 12mm wide neck basilar tip aneurysm with 3 main arteries and 2 sub arteries to keep open. It may not be possible to do all of that in one go if stability of stent an issue. Margaret B

thanks for updare Margaret-we'll be thinking of you and praying for you

Margaret, you will be in my prayers tomorrow, for all of the areas of need to be complete and you to begin the recovery process. Prayers for the hands of God to assist those surgeon hands and those nurse and assistant's hands!!! Please let us know when you are able that all is good!!! HUGS!

Good luck tomorrow Margaret.....hope everything goes well. Will be praying for your speedy recovery.

Thank margaret

I’m sure everything going to go well we are thinking and praying for you

Thanks Jimmy

Praying Margaret!!!

Well here I am! Op complete success and aneurysm bigger than I thought at 15mm x 12mm. Coiling + LVIS stent success. I was in ICU tues to frid as had catheter entry both groins / legs and one kept bleeding + very low BP but all ok now so got home today. Couldn’t update in ICU as confined to bed and strict phone / Internet policy. Tired and light headed but all is very well with me. Lots of rest for next 10 days and no driving until 6 week check up MRI and review. Thanks for all the love and care on here. Marg B

Hi margaret

I’m so glad everything went well …wishing you a speedy recovery hope to chat soon …you get your rest .

Thanks Jimmy

Praise be!!!! So glad you are doing well!!! Take care and do get that rest!!! Thank you for updating us!!!

Hugs to you and prayers for speedy recovery!!!