2 July 2023

We’ve got a winner! Morning y’all! Nope didn’t win the lottery, I keep forgetting to buy a ticket. Sultry days of Summer is upon us and we have some early morning work to do before the heat, humidity and dew point get so far up that it’s miserable to work outside. Never really knew what an author was writing about when they’d say something like the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife because they didn’t say it would burn your lungs when you tried to breathe which happens when it’s really smoggy. Then I was stationed in Florida…oh my gosh, I learned what those words meant. I’ve never gotten used to the high humidity in all these decades of living in NC, but I have learned to adapt. I’ve also learned it’s not so much the humidity, it’s the dew point. It’s like adapting to life with an aneurysm I think, learning ways to live with it and work around it.

We have a new member (that’s the winner) @StrokeTV is Aaron out in California. California does not have unbearable humidity, despite what my niece thinks. Though I understand they’re having a mosquito issue in some parts…saw it on TWC video. I digress…Aaron was treated with coils and he wants to help brain aneurysm survivors find purpose after brain aneurysm.

That’s it for this week…If you live where it’s Summer, do your outside chores early and don’t forget to hydrate, watch your animals, children, elderly folks and yourself for signs of heat stroke. If you live where it’s Winter, we’ll cuddle up and enjoy it, Summer is coming😂