19 May 2024 welcomes, yippee!

Good Morning y’all! We were lucky enough to get over 3” of rain this week, most of it in one day. I don’t mind rain as you know but I’m a bit aggravated with it right now. I need to get some things done and can’t until it dries up enough. Right now the clay is just a muddy mess lol. Oh and don’t get me started on the catkins (male flowers of the white oaks) they are everywhere. Maybe they will finally stop dropping with the latest rain, fingers crossed. The dogs get them all over their coats and I have to remember to brush them off before they come inside. Remembering is difficult for me the last few weeks. I know it will improve, I just have to be patient! I best get to the welcomes, I’ve taken a pill for muscle spasms and it’s making me sleepy and disoriented. I had to wait for it to work so I could type. It’s working and so here’s our newest members!

@goldie277 is in Canada. Shelly’s ex-husband and the father of her children has two aneurysms. The first one was discovered with an MRI which indicated it was 2mm. His follow up this year has shown another that is 3mm. He has planned a follow up with his doctor and a specialist. Shelly is trying to get ahead of things to,learn how to best support him as she will become his caregiver when needed. Shelly shares she has a lot of questions. We are here to answer them, just start a new topic under the General tab!

@elisediver is originally from Washington State but is currently residing in Istanbul, Turkey. They found a 3mm aneurysm on her MCA. Elise has Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) which results in having a higher incidence of aneurysms. Thanks for the reminder! Elise is also a diver and is considering returning to Washington State to have a procedure. Best of all, she has already started a new topic found here Insurance coverage of aneurysms?. Let’s help her out folks!

That’s it for the week. Be kind to yourself and those who are in your life. Have a great week everyone!