14 May 2023 Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers! If you’re not a mom, but still have one, do something special. We used to plant a rose bush for mine every year when she and Dad moved to NC so she’d have roses all the time. Her favorite color was the first and it bloomed the best! If I had children, I’d be asking them to walk the dog whose on leash detention and doing my soil samples for me😂

Somehow I missed last week and I do apologize. I’ve been confounded with hanging closet rods and have had to do a lot of drywall repair because I can’t get the fancy wing-it’s to work all the time. Hopefully I can finish up this month. Isn’t it frustrating when we could have done something in a couple of hours but now it takes a lot longer? I’ve been working on the dang closet for a couple of weeks now…and we are still trying to find things in mismarked boxes. Luckily we will never move again!:rofl:

So, to get us started this beautiful morning is none other than
@Rengem up in Ontario Canada. Renee (sorry don’t know how to put an accent over the second e in your name) ruptured, was treated with coils and shunt, stayed almost 8 weeks in hospital. Renee is an avid reader and hopes to get back to it. We wish you the best of luck Renee, reading is fun! I read my first book after rupture in ICU and bless my RNs and everyone else on the medical staff who passed my bed, they’d tell me what a word meant.

@Gerty is in Western Australia. Shahan had a friend who has had an aneurysm repaired. The friend is dealing with anxiety and depression so Shahan is trying to find support for her much loved friend. We are here to help, ask any questions you’d like under the “General” or “Support” tab! Many people who rupture and some who don’t deal with these issues a lot, and we can certainly provide some virtual support and share our experiences.

@winman is in beautiful Idaho. Wendy says her sister suffered a brain aneurysm so I imagine she had a rupture, just a guess, February of this year. Wendy says her sister loves to dance and we hope she can cut a rug again soon! Come talk to us Wendy, it’s hard for family to watch the struggles of someone who has ruptured, and we can certainly provide some insight.

@Backroadhun is up in Wisconsin. Amanda has been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm on incidental find with a MRA for a headache. She hasn’t seen a specialist yet and we certainly hope she gets to see one. Ask any questions you have, we are here to help!

@Mags28 is up in Ohio and has been diagnosed with a 4x7 mm basilar aneurysm in March of this year. Maggie will have regular MRIs to monitor but has no surgery planned so she’s on the watch and wait as so many of our members are. Come talk to us Maggie, those that are on the same group can offer their experience.

@Shirlgirl is down in Florida. Shirl was hospitalized in November for sudden onset partial blindness in one eye and they scanned her for a blood clot but there wasn’t one. The blindness was diagnosed as AION but the scans showed an aneurysm on her left frontal lobe. Shirl wrote more about her story here How much can I do with this aneurysm?

@VeselyLA is in Virginia, not Los Angeles nor Lower Alabama :joy:. Lisa is also on the Watch and Wait regime due to incidental discovery of two brain aneurysms and a tumor. That’s a lot to process and she’s just now moving forward. Lisa loves her family, animals and is faith oriented. We have a prayer group under the support tab Ms. Lisa in case you didn’t know.

Again, a warm hearty welcome to all our new members! I will try very hard to do the welcomes next week…

Welcome everyone! :smiley:

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