13 year old right MCA aneurysm

My son on Thursday collapsed with a subarachnoid hemorrhage caused by a right MCA rupture. We’ve been in a hospital ever since. On Friday they did an angiogram followed by a coiling of the aneurysm.

I miss my son and while I’m overjoyed he’s still here with us I’m still scared I may lose him.

He’s been conscious but very tired since the surgery. He isn’t exactly happy but he’s now eating and walking to the bathroom and sitting in a chair during meals. He passes the neurochecks every two hours and doesn’t show a deficit in one side of his body or the other. He’s done some recreational therapy and seems to have no significant cognitive delay.

For the last 24 hours he’s been running a fever, mostly around 99 but up to 102 at times. I’m scared we are going to take a turn for the worse.

I’m very thankful that I found this community as a lot of the stories inspire and motivate me, but I’m still so very scared that I could lose my little buddy.

Just throwing my thoughts out there to see your thoughts or experiences about our progress. What am I missing? How concerned should I be about the fever?

Thanks so much.

From what you report and from what my wife experienced 5.5 years ago, I would say your son is doing quite well. He is way ahead of where she was at that time. She also had a fever; they thought it could be an infection, but there were no signs of infection, so they concluded it was a result of what had happened in the brain, and in due time it vanished. Because of the trauma of that experience, it is easy to think that you may still lose your son, but it seems that the appropriate remedy has been applied. Being patient is likely the order of the day now. Much to be thankful for. Trust your doctors and be there to encourage your son all you can.

It’s been a couple of weeks since your post, how is your son doing now ?

Hi Patty. Thank you for the inquiry.

Jordan is home. He went home 13 days after the rupture. By the grace of God, he doesn’t appear to have any long term effects other than atrophy in his legs. Cognitively and mentally he seems to have dodged the bullet, and hasn’t really had any side effects since he was home.

We have another MRI to check the coil in a couple of weeks - I’ll feel a whole lot better when he crosses that threshold.

Thanks again for the thoughts.

That’s great news! Take care.