13 November 2022 newest members!

I favor the number 13 a lot…got my first horse on March 13, I was 13 and she was in stall 13. Today is a lucky number for us as well, we have new members to welcome!

@mandi here in North Carolina starts us out. Mandi ruptured back in November 2016. She was coiled but her body rejected the coils, oh my! I never knew that could happen, I’ve learned something new today! Mandi survived because of the clotting agent. She spent 3 weeks in ICU and one week in the Neuro Unit. Guess what? Mandi just celebrated her 36th birthday! Happy Birthday Ms. Mandi, I can’t wait until you start your first topic

@SandraDeeee is out in Las Vegas, Nevada. I think she had a rupture July 22, 2022 but I do get confused when someone says they survived a BA as we have many members who’ve had an incidental find. But I’m putting my $1 on a rupture… Sandra may have already had her CT and MRI a couple days ago to find out when she can return to work. I’ll bet waiting was a bit of an anxious moment. Sandra, let us know what the doc says by starting a new topic under General please ma’am.

@CharleneW is up in Ontario Canada. She ruptured on 29 Jan 2020 and went into a coma. Her husband was home, heard her fall when she went into a coma. She was taken to her local rural hospital and bussed to London’s University Hospital. She had her drain put in first and then coiled. 10 days on life support and two weeks in ICU. She’s already replied to @JonAndrewA and I moved it to here Newbie’s story of a rupture. Y’all need to read her story!

@Tabby is down in Louisiana and her very best friend had a BA 8 months ago (guessing rupture again). Her VBF is experiencing emotional changes and severe headaches. Tab is trying to find treatment options for her friend’s headaches and emotional support. Start a new topic and ask us Ms. Tab, the members here have a wide variety of experiences, they truly do!

That’s the line up for this week! Lots of interesting new members with stories to tell and questions to ask! Have a great week yal!

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