13 Feb 2023 adding to the line up!

Super Bowl Sunday LVII is a thing of the past today. Hope your team won, if not condolences. Was I huddled around the television with a big pot of chili on the stove and lots of friends who brought dishes over wearing their favorite team colors as in years gone by? Nope - packing boxes and cleaning carpet😂. I understand it was a wickedly great game and I hate I missed it. BH has my priority list all made out and moving is my priority apparently…

But today I didn’t look at my list and want to do one of my favorite things instead - welcome new members!

Our first welcome for the week goes to @LGR Up in Canada. Lin is waiting for a craniotomy and clipping of a large aneurysm as the coiling wasn’t successful. There’s also another cerebral aneurysm and an abdominal one as well. It’s a good reminder they can happen anywhere in our bodies.

@Ralf is here in North Carolina. Ralf had a CT to determine the cause of her pulsatile tinnitus and they found a 4mm aneurysm behind her left eye. So she has to wait to see a Neurosurgeon to discuss options. We have a lot of great neurosurgeons in our State Ralf!

@Jenny71 is in Indiana who also has a 4mm aneurysm but in the right internal carotid artery (RICA) with a smaller one next to it. There’s no treatment plan yet.

@MamaryVictor is up in Pennsylvania. Holly also had a CT scan for tinnitus and a 9mm brain aneurysm was found. She had a 5 hour surgery to repair it successfully after a few scares and there’s another that is being watched.

@htimberlake is our last newest member for the week. Thomas’s wife has been in the. Neuro ICU for 32 days following her SAH. Fortunately, she woke up on day 21 and can speak a bit through her trac tube valve. This month is their 20th anniversary!

We know from experience, y’all have a lot of questions and may be a bit scared of what the future may have in store for you. The unknown is always a bit apprehensive, isn’t it? We are here to offer our experiences and our support. Please start a topic and ask away.

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Thank you so much for adding me! Feeling so grateful that my aneurysms were found and for all of the wonderful care I received. But also feeling overwhelmed and a little lost with all of the new things I am experiencing (hair loss, memory issues, and optical migraines anyone?). I have some reading to do!


Welcome to the group and it’s wonderful to hear your surgery was successful. My mother and I both have aneurysms and she also had hair loss but it was not permanent. We both also experienced some memory loss, her worse than me, but she was also older and had other comorbidities, not related to her aneurysms. Migraines have become part of life but are definitely more manageable when I avoid or reduce the triggers and scenarios that make it worse (lack of sleep, not hydrating enough, stress, etc.). I hope it helps to know you are not alone and that there are things that can make many issues better. I’ve learned that allowing myself to attend to my health daily can make a big difference in how I feel. Taking a moment to myself almost everyday, meditate/yoga/deep breathing. Any of these things that I would scoff at years ago are life changing now that I actually utilize them. Please feel free to ask questions, share, vent, whatever helps you.


Happy Valentines Day!Hacked off of Facebook 48 hours is up but still waiting! Feel like I lost my best friend! I guess I should feel thankful not alienated, thank you for helping me over the hurdles! Have a remarkable day, be kind to yourself and others, tc

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and no my team did not win! {{{sigh}}} I really cant watch football like the ole days, I cant find the ball and hard hits make me cringe a bit with all the CTE concussions yikes! tc

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Welcome everyone!
I’m glad you are all doing well. Be patient with yourself and others, believe in yourself, and never give up.

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Thank you, Julie! Sending warmest thoughts to you and your mom.