12 June 2022 Welcomes!

My goodness how the week has flown by! Not sure about y’all, but days seem to go by faster than when I was young…. Our welcomes this week include:

@Beatlebill is up in Delaware. William had a brain aneurysms (rupture?) March 2022 behind his right eye. He is also married and loves the Beatles! (me too!)

@Tenged is up In PA. KimDan is married and y’all really need to read her wonderful story. She is one awesome caregiver! Kim’s husband, Dan had an SAH and a bit headstrong, he didn’t like what the doctors wanted him to have and like some of us determined his own course of treatment it seems. She went with the flow and worked with him during her daily visits. She’s had quite a time of it as all caregivers do. It’s a hard road they travel for us, let’s help them out folks!

Last up is @Cindy6201 up in Virginia. Cindy had a stent put in and still isn’t feeling well 2.5 years later. She’s married, has a son who is married and two grandchildren. She also has other health issues which can really be a trial for those of us with multiple diagnosis.

There’s but one who hasn’t replied to the automated email. Remember to check your junk/spam folders and to put us in your accepted contacts. Start a new topic under General and introduce yourselves or ask a question so we can help you. Our road, though long and winding, doesn’t have to be lonely or alone, we are here for support!