11 Dec 2022 introductions

December is upon us and many holy days for various beliefs. Whether Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Wiccan (and let’s not forget Kwanzaa), it’s a big month of celebration for all. We wish you safe and peaceful gatherings.

We have some new members gathering with us on our journey here starting with @Nikki49648 up in Michigan experienced a ruptured aneurysm just last month on November 12! She had a two week stay in NSICU and appears to be recovering very well, good for you Nikki!

@JMM9009 is down in Alabama. He is saddened by the loss of his mother in Christmas Day 2019 who succumbed to a ruptured aneurysm. Jared and his family have an understandingly tough time during this season. Being a Momma’s boy makes it a bit more difficult, doesn’t it? Jared, we are here to help support you in any way we can.

@SarahB is down under in Australia (Merl’s in Australia too!). Sarah is waiting to be seen in hospital due to an incidental finding during an MRI for a TIA and wouldn’t you know it, they found a 3.5mm aneurysm. Sarah, all of us throughout the world know the aggravation of waiting!

We have a couple of members again who need to check their emails and their junk folders for the automated email that’s sent. If I didn’t go back and get anyone who did check, shoot me a PM and I will add you to next week!

This time of year can be really difficult for us with all the noise, crowds, and lights. Remember to breathe - not hold your breath, wear sunglasses if you need to and try to go out when the crowds aren’t big. Hopefully you will hear a bell ringer from the Salvation Army who has some rhythm and fun with his ringing!


Thank you all so much for welcoming me into this community! As @Moltroub alluded to, I lost my mother to a ruptered brain aneurysm Christmas Day 2019 and there are still so many questions I have that have gone unanswered about her untimely passing. I have come here to learn about other’s experiences and to possibly learn about any underlying conditions we might have never noticed with my mother. Due to her passing, it also brings up a lot of questions about my own health and that of my sibling sister. My sister has periodically suffered from migraines throughout her life, and it is something that concerns me due to my mothers passing. My insurance claims that I am at low risk to suffer from such a condition, but I know my sister’s insurance would cover her to possibly get a CAT scan done or an MRI, and we desperately want her to do that. I apologize for any bad terminology on my part. Thank you again for the acceptance into the community and look forward to conversing with you all!

Good Morning Jared! Your query to familial aneurysms is something we see here. It would make a great topic and I would certainly recommend you start a new topic - go to “General” click on the “+” sign and type away. In the meantime, maybe this article will help Genetics of Intracranial Aneurysms | Stroke. Looking forward to seeing your topic started!