10 September 2023 new members!

Where did the week go? Was it as fast for y’all as it was for me? BH and I met a new Cardiologist who we think is a brilliant, highly intelligent, funny guy. He is the first one I’ve had that actually explained what was going on with my heart and didn’t bat an eye when I told him to ignore the others in my medical history. One had not added the SVT found on the cardio angiogram to my chart, but he did draw a squiggly picture of it and somehow it was put in the hospital record, just not the angiogram​:crazy_face:. He also understood right away the only times I have had high blood pressure in my life was when I ruptured and when I gave myself 3rd degree burns on my leg that eventually turned into gangrene. Talk about a nasty smelling wound oh my gosh! Do not pour boiling water into a glass pitcher without something to dissipate the heat, do not listen to your surgical tech friend and put mayonnaise on a burn, and when the ER doc says you can hurt him if he hurts you, best to ignore that statement and not give him a punch to the jaw. He’ll make you go down to the “morgue” and wash it off yourself in the showers available for staff. But he did order me some happy drugs after he got an X-ray of his jaw, he just wouldn’t come closer than a couple of feet to me :rofl:. If anyone knows of light compression socks that are not hot in the summer time, please send me a PM @Moltroub, I don’t care for them in the hot months, but don’t mind them when it gets colder. Seems I have to wear them all the time. Now down to business!

This week we get to welcome a few new members and y’all know how much I like to do this! Our internet “family” keeps growing and we get to keep learning and sharing!

@PoolPrincess is up in Ontario Canada. Michelle is the caregiver to her husband who ruptured. He fell unconscious on August 10, 2023, was able to be coiled that night! Then he had to have a drain placed to reduce the fluid accumulation. He was able to get the drain removed and was released on 31 August. She shares he has no physical or cognitive impairments and even his short term memory has almost fully returned! He is very tired, poor appetite and is experiencing continued pressure around and on top of his head. Michelle is already teaching us something, for his metallic taste when he eats, she discovered that if he takes his Levetiracetam (Keppra) after he eats, it greatly improved his taste! Thank you so much for that piece of wisdom! Her husband is a car guy - lives and breathes endurance car racing such as the 24 hr LeMans in France! What an awesome couple. We would have a much tougher go without our supportive caregivers standing with us.

@Naples is down in Florida. Sherri has three aneurysms found incidentally with two Neurosurgeons recommending clipping. Sherri would love to hear about or talk to someone about craniotomy procedures and what she should expect, you’ve come to the right place Sherri, we have a good number of folks who’ve had craniotomies.

We get to meet @Camden1. Brian is in Los Angeles (California). He was at the gym on 18 April 2023 (Tuesday) when he heard a pop in his ear, he felt a bit nauseous and had a sudden headache but thought he pulled a muscle in his neck. He immediately left the gym and put an ice pack on his head. He still thought he pulled a muscle. Woke up the next day with a small headache, took a couple of aspirin and went to work. He thought the headache would go away and kept worked the rest of the week. Day three it still didn’t go away and he drove himself to the hospital. They did an MRI immediately, discovered he had ruptured, was treated with a Pipeline Embolization device and an 8 day stay in hospital. Brian is having difficulty with anxiety and depression which he’s never experienced before and is wondering if others have gone through this stage. To take a line from Merl “Oh yeah”. Brian also wants to get back to his fun, active and social lifestyle. Be kind and patient with yourself young man, you’re still in early stages of recovery.

Ending our week is @JoeF Joe is up in Ohio and I imagine a bit lost. He and his wife were enjoying lunch, he went up to pay the bill and heard a commotion with several people around her. His wife seemed to be paralyzed and was rushed to the ER where she had a CT scan and sent to NSICU. His wife had hemiparesis (partial weakness on one side of the body) and very limited response. “20 hours later, it was all over”. Joe, we are saddened to read about your loss. A rupture is often very quick to occur with no knowledge and very little, if any warning. We can help you understand things or provide support. Please do tell us about her and what you need, we are here for you…

I’ve been contemplating life this week and people’s desire to get back to normal. So here’s a couple of quotes to encourage you to ponder as well…

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” - Closing Time by Semisonic

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” - Albert Einstein

“When flowing water meets with obstacles on its path, a blockage in its journey, it pauses. It increases in volume and strength, filling up in front of the obstacle and eventually spilling past it.” - I Ching

Have a great week y’all ! Be kind to yourself and others. Start a new topic under General or join in a current topic. Remember the older ones will have the month and an apostrophe with the last two numbers of a year (ex Sep ‘09) if you reply to one of those, I will reply and close it. No harm done there’s a multitude I haven’t closed. If you need help from the group, definitely ask. If you need help navigating the site ask me @Moltroub or the very kind folks @ModSupport.

Thank you for the warm welcome! I look forward to learning from all members about their journeys and their wisdom.


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