1 year Angiogram tomorrow

I have my 1 year angiogram tomorrow morning. I tried to talk myself out of having this done and then after discussing with my neurosurgeon, decided to have it done. It has been a rollercoaster year of headaches, fatigue and migraines. Blessed to be alive and discovering the fast growing aneurysm when we did after having double vision. I thank God everyday and the BAF community for the encouragement and explaining the "life after" this bizarre brain condition.

Spreading awareness now to others with my experiences and the knowledge gained by being a member of this wonderful group of individuals.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to support and encourage me during the journey of an aneurysm!


hi Karen- good luck and best wishes-our prayers are with you & yours,keep the faith

Thanks Ron!! I appreciate the prayers and wishes!


Hi Karen,

My prayers are with you. May you be blessed with only good news.

Take care.


(((Karen))) I will be saying prayers for YOU...good results...and all goes well...xoxoxoxox Colleen

Good luck and I am wishing you a positive outcome!


Sorry I missed your post sista! But you know you're in my prayers coz I already talked to ya!!! LOL

Hugs and much love,


May God Bless you with good news. You will be in my prayers!! Stay strong and postitive!

Lots of Hugs!!!


Karen, I'm hoping everything went well! Thinking of you and sending prayers and (((HUGS)))! Please let us know the result as soon as you are able!



Good luck today, Karen. May everything go just perfectly and give you the peace of mind you need. Nerve wracking heading in, I am sure, but how reassuring it will be once complete! Please post how it goes. Prayers to you.

Thanks to everyone for your kind responses and prayers of encouragement. Good news...the old annie that was occluded with the onyx last year is "beautiful" (quote from the dr). lol. Bad news...there is a widened area in the posterior communicating artery, the beginning of another resident annie. At least we know and will watch it now. I will have another angiogram next June. I'm just concerned because of the fast growth rate of the first one and i'm not sure if that angiogram will be soon enough. Anyone else out there had a fast growing aneurysm? Other than work related stress, I live a pretty healthy lifetstyle. Why are my arteries weak? What can be done to correct? Oh well, bad headache again...gonna nap again.

Thanks again everyone for your continued support!


See below, but the widening is called "infundibular" widening of the posterior communicating artery. It's a real bummer!


Hi Karen,

I'm sorry to read that you got such worrisome news. Did your doctor give you any answers re:"Why are my arteries weak? What can be done to correct?" Does he/she think that an angiogram in 1 year is soon enough based on your history?

I pray that you will have calm after receiving this news and that God will guide you and your doctors to make the right treatment decisions for you.


Thanks Carol,

I thought of all these questions today. It just takes me awhile to process the information, I think I was kinda in "shock". I had an angio last December and all was good. That's why I was expecting a good report. I have an appt. to see the Dr and will ask these questions.

thanks again,


Thank you Elke! Keep the prayers coming :)


Hugs to you Colleen! Hope to hear great results from you!


Thanks Pam, not so positive...but, working on my disposition ...


Thanks Linda!! Hugs and love back to you!


Thanks Tiffany,

I'm working on the strong and positive now..


Hi Cece,

thanks and keep the prayers coming..