Young widow looking for support

My fiance passed away 2 days after his 37th birthday, just 13 days ago from this and to say that I feel like I am drowning is an understatement. It’s just endless grief.

I’m looking for those who have also experienced the loss of an intimate partner from this, and for any words of help.

So sorry to hear about your fiancé. Take your time through the grieving process, remember to breathe. You may want to look up some area agencies that can help you with the grieving process. Try a Google search, speak to your family, friends, others who have utilized a local therapist. When you’re ready, you might want to post on Wall of Remembrance. My thoughts are with you and yours during these difficult times.

My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry to hear your loss. There are really no words that can comfort such a tragedy. When someone is taken away from so suddenly, it's an unbearable pain. I was married to a wonderful man for 16 yrs. We were together for 22 yrs. Teenage sweethearts. We divorced but remained friends. We have two children. I received a phone call one day at work. Mark had a massive heart attack at work, and passed away. He was 47 yrs old. Though I am remarried, I still cry over the emptiness of him no longer here with us.

I suggest a support group. However, take your time doing that. You need to really grieve and then look for support. I pray that God gives you and all your family the strength you need.

My finance died unexpectly 9 months ago and I’m still struggling haven’t passed the anger yet I yell at him everyday I had my surgery last August he was so worried about me that he never told me that his kidneys were failing he put all that burden on himself like I said I’m so mad at him everybody grieves differently it was so hard doing the holidays without him then I get mad at myself because I postpone the wedding because they shaved my head I wear his wedding band and kiss him every morning and night my heart goes out to you it’s one day at a time you’ll be in my prayers

I am so very sorry for your loss. My fiancee died years ago from a massive heart ache - my friends really got me through it. A really good friend of mine lost her husband Christmas Day 2013 and it helped her also to have good friends surrounding her. Everyone goes through grief in different ways and stages, but the one thing that is most important is that you take care of yourself. One thing that has helped my friend tremendously was a grief support group that she went to - they still do different activities together and are very close to each other.

I wish there was a magical pill to help you through your grief. If there is anything any of us can do, please let us know. I think it always helps to put things in writing, so please write us whenever you need to. One thing that people here are striving to do is to educate people about brain aneurysms - there really is so little info out there until someone dies from it. Unfortunately, you are experiencing it firsthand. I am so very sorry - it is a tragedy.


My condolences to you; it is such a shock. Do you have a grievance support group in your church?

I have friends who have so connected to their church groups. I have numerous who have lost a spouse, sweetheart, matter the cause, the depth is heavy beginning recovery.

Prayers for each step for you and your families.