Something to Remember -- H.O.P.E.!

"Keep your head up and your Heart Strong" and know there is a beautiful Rainbow waiting just for YOU at the end of this Journey thru your Health trial. Just try to keep your eyes on the Prize and Hold On to the vision of that pot of Gold "You Will" travel to with the support of this Loving Community & your Positive Mental Attitude :)). May your day be showered with Blessings and you Conquer something new today thru your Healing!

thanks for the "lift", I sure HOPE so!!!! And my personal favorite- " it is darkest b4 the dawn!" take care, remember to always think safety first- we are much more prone to accidents~

You Welcome Ron and I Love your personal favorite too ... there's no dawn without darkness so there is only Beauty to come from these dark trials :))! And, Yes, Safety should always come first for sure. Now, it's my time to Thank You!!

Thanks Michele. Your post is inspirational especially in these trials of recovering from a SAH. We all need hope, especially when circumstances are not going our way. This illness has it good and bad days! Thanks for the support of this loving community. Yes Hope makes a difference! Keep the faith Michele.

You're most welcome Kimlin & It is all my pleasure :)! I often feel that this has been the Platform that God used in my life, 3 years back thru my SAH from an undiagnosed AVM, to reveal just so many of His Blessings for my life ... that would have never surfaced had this not torpedoed into my life and for that, I'm truly Grateful!

thanks Michele, wonderful way to get thru these tough recovery times. everyone says be patient but it's really, I just want my husband to be back to the way things were b4 the ruptured annie. I think I will print something out similar that says exactly that to keep reminding me the journey is long. Thank you, needed that tonight tam

The Journey can be a long one for both YOU and your Husband Tami ...and just know that your husband will be back; especially with YOU by his side encouraging him along the way!!! Most of us do establish a "new normal" after an event like this; which can be even better than before and is important to celebrate & recognize all those accomplishments You both make thru this healing process! Hang in there and know that he will be back, probably even better than before this trial :))! xO

So True Michele...Thank you for sharing...~ Colleen