Winter's is Golden period for those with brain injuries or strokes

Every human beings digestion increases in winter. But patient hands or feets increses stifness. Stifness we can correct in following way :-
Put on warm clothes and keep your room temperature right. Massage your whole body with oil twice daily. Do massage your whole body. So you can use sesame oil or Himalayaan Ayurveda oil. Himalayaan oil information i below. Don’t stop exercising , Daily exercises…

Believe me, one winter, try my word.
Any one who wants to make a change in their body as per my instructions should message me. I will make a proper chart to follow him…
This chart is different for all ones as per their condition…

Don’t worry dear friends, just accept what happened and move on.

The way i can much recover so why not you ?

Sandeep singh

Thank you Deep! We do tend to become less active in the winter, thus causing our muscles and joint to be more hurtful. While I do have a massage therapist, I never thought of doing my own massage. I will have to try this when winter finally sets in here in the States.

Hello dear moltroub

How are you

It is best to seek the help of therapist for massage

But if we try to do it ourselves, our recovery is great

I think

Sandeep singh

I am doing very well Sandeep. Thank you for asking! I hope you are as well.

Do you mind me asking if you have to use something like Google Translate, or did you study English in India? Sorry for being personal, I’m always curious how our members navigate our site and respond when they are in another country where English is a second language.

All the best,

Also in these distancing times there is a massage roller you can get for sore muscles, i tried a mini paint roller and it worked well! NFL and other atheletes use these rollers at home and on the road i read in a “help” type page (not an ad) tc stay safe

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Wow Ron, I never thought of a mini paint roller, what a great idea!

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Thank you very much for the information. I am going to try the oils.


Thanks Deep. I am a massage therapist (40 yrs) here in the States and a 2x brain aneurysm survivor. Dry brushing and warm oils before a shower or bath does wonders, especially if you let the oil stay on for 1/2 hour or so. Learning breathe work is also valuable for stress reduction and winter blues.
As with any self care one has to make time for it on a daily basis, just like eating, sleeping, brushing your teeth… healthy habits.


Welcome to our group Ms. Pamela! What is “dry brushing”?

Hi Moltroub. It’s a form of exfoliation, creates blood circulation and lymph drainage. Dry brushing is done before either wetting you body or applying lotion or oil, hence your skin is dry. You can use a body brush, loofa, exfoliating gloves or cloth. Don’t wet any them either. Start at your feet, using circular motion, scrub up your legs towards your heart. Then your hands, up your arms towards your heart. Your abdomen in clockwise motion. Reaching your back the best you can, that’s why a handled body brush is best. Then finish on your chest, around your heart. Stay below your collarbone. Don’t brush the neck or face, the skin is too delicate. Then either apply warm oil and relax for awhile and/or take a shower or bath.

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Dear pamela


.can you tell me more about dry brushing please

Thank you so much Ms. Pamela! I’ve been seeing the same Licensed Massage Therapist for well over a decade now, maybe going on to two. Carrie was very careful after I was released from Neuro ICU and I had to get permission from my Neurosurgeon with any directions before she would schedule me again. She’s always told me how important it is for her clients to share their medical history and how it relates to the different types of massage she is trained for. My Neurosurgeon was extremely happy that I was going to a massage therapist. Carrie always asks what my plans are for after my massage and depending on what she has to do, she sometimes tells me to just rest when I get home. But always drink a lot of water to flush my system and take a walk about before I rest or do some chores. I would see a massage therapist well before I ever go back to a chiropractor! Thank you for doing a much needed specialty!


Thanks for the complement Moltraub!
Carrie’s doing the right thing by you. I’m so glad you’re a fan of massage therapy.
My two brain aneurysm surgeries back in 2015 really took a toll on me, but it didn’t end my career.
I’ve experienced deficits that are challenging, so I took a lot of time to start massaging again.
Recovery is a long, lonely journey, but I’m so blessed to still be alive. My Neurosurgeon said “God has more massages for me to do.”:pray:t3:



Yes the recovery period can be long, I’ve had 3 coilings counting the one when I ruptured. But isn’t it great that you are able to do what you love to do for work! Some of us aren’t afforded that gift anymore, but we find other ways to be rewarded. Never worry about the spelling, heck if I didn’t type it so much, it would constantly be incorrect as would a lot of other words!