When to have children tested?


My mom died at 52 of a brain aneurysm and I was diagonsed with a small one 6 months later, I was 32.. My neurosurgeon felt surgery was more of a risk than living with it. I am wondering if my 19 year old son and 21 year old daughter should be screened?

Thanks for your help,


My wife and her sister were both diagonsed with brain aneurysms and thier Dr. recommended that all the children be tested. Our 17 and 21 year old were tested about two months ago. They were both fine.

Thanks for the information… sorry to hear your wife and sister in law have aneurysms but very happy to hear your children are healthy! Mine are 19 and 21 so I guess its time to arrange testing, I hope they are fine too.

Hope so too. Between my wife’s sisters and brother kids all have tested negative for aneurysms. My wife (49yrs) had coiling scheduled in sept and just found out yesterday after visit with nueroradiologist that the neck of aneuysm was wide and the surgery was riskier than previously thought. Dr. said it was her decision to make so she and I are doing some online researching. Good luck.