What is happening?

Hello, I had to brain anerysums pipelined and coiled in 2014. Afterwards I experience sharp pains in my head. Since then I have began experiencing short memory loss. I will be sitting or performing an activity and suddenly I dont know where I am orn what has happen in the last 3-5 seconds. Has anyone else experienced this?

Hi, similar episodes were discussed at this topic ( the topic is old but with fresh responses)

For the headaches, do you see a neurologist? Headaches are really common for us and some can be debilitating. Make sure you drink lots of water, it really helps.

As for short term memory loss, it may depend on what part was damaged or it could simply be the aging process. Here’s a helpful link on memory loss. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/alzheimers-disease/in-depth/memory-loss/art-20046326

I used to write everything down and then I started keeping everything in my phone under notes so I’m not carrying sticky notes around. We also put a chore list on the refrigerator so I know what to do each day. Good luck!


i had my annie surgery on july 2018 and since the operation i suffer from headache and blurry vision episode like three to seven time a month and i get used to it according to nerusurgeon it is not related to surgery however i got it after surgery

my annie were not reputred but as for my symptoms i used to lived with it

i do regular check up and on july 2019 i will do andiogram to confirm with my annie shrink or disapear

forget to mention i have also muscle twitching

I think a lot of us can relate to the headaches and vision issues. Make sure you stay hydrated.