What do you do without your income?

Has anyone had to deal with not being able to go back to work AND your Spouse being between jobs?? My Husband has finally decided to start his own small engine repair business but even as good as he is, it takes time to get the word out. Its very scary.

God Sue...reading your story(teary~eyed) and even know I knew some of this...it always amazes me ...How strong and inspiring you are ... You deserve the best ~ Cyber~ hugs Colleen

Hi Sue,

When I read your story, I first thought "how on earth" did she get through this. As I continued to read what sounded like the trials of Job, I saw through the trials to the expression of strength along with continued hope and faith. Some of us, especially me, believe that the "strength" that you called upon to be God's blessings.

May God continue to give you, and others like Amy and her husband, the strength that you need to overcome such challenges.

Take care.


Sue---Your posts have given me a "needed boost" right now, too! Thank you! I also have great concern over finances and try not to go overboard with stress---Thanks-Dana

Amy, my husband and I are both Realtors--needless to say, the economy, in particular, the "real estate depression" hit us hard---then I had the aneurysm rupture with no insurance!!! 2 years later, my husband and I now live in Central CA--I am currently not working and my husband is working very hard to establish a real estate business---never easy, even in the best of times---It is scary and I wish you the best of luck---Dana