What are your thoughts on stress management

The first aneurysm I experienced was sitting at my desk at work..feeling my blood pressure build up as I held my feelings inside...and stressed out!

Oh Christina...how awful for you ? ... ~ Colleen

I didn't read the title of your post Christina...My stress management is walking the dog...praying...knitting, reading a book, and sometimes just closing my eyes and meditating...but exercise seems to be the best for me...~ Colleen

Did your heart beat funny? Everything go black? Dizzy? I thought it was an anxiety attack when it happened to me. I also was at my desk at work. But, I hate my job and it is very stressful. How many aneurysms have you had?

I had 2 aneurysm that day...one started leaking...and both coiled successfully. no one in my family has had them...and was told that it wont happen again....but it did two years later and that one burst...I knew something was wrong. They clamped the third and hopefully the last one I will have. I have not worked since and was terminated while on disability for not returning back. Long story short...I am sooooo glad to not be in that environment! I went back to school and am half way done with my bachelors degree...one day at a time! ;0)

Thanks Colleen. I have started more exercise especially to loose weight , I have a bad knee, heel spurs, and scoliosis...all of which will no longer stop me... I want to be around for my kids as long as possible! :0)

wow, you go girl :-) I'm so happy you are doing so good!

I quit my job last week. It was a very high pressure job and I hated it. The headaches are everyday, especially behind my eyes. Noise and chaos makes me so nervous and frustrated now and I can't concentrate. I still tire easily. Sometimes words don't come easily like they used to, so I am less articulate. The way I see it, I am almost 57 and have paid my dues already. I am looking for a low-pressure, slow paced job now to take me into retirement. I have my certificate of completion for medical coding from technical school and gearing up to get certified. Praying I will be able to pass the test and not forget the answers!

Good for you...it sounds like you need a much needed retreat! I think a your career change is a smart idea. I had to take a break from school..our financial hardship forced us to move and I was getting overwhelmed. Back on track...I start school on Thursday ...reminding myself to finish what I started. I sometimes wonder if I would ever work again...but that I guess depends on me. :0) Good luck with your certification...repetition always helps me to remember.

Do you have the same lack of motivation that I do? I never had that before my illness (on a continuous basis anyway lol). Maybe it's because my head always aches, I don't know. I did about half of the 150 practice questions for coding last week, put it down, and I haven't picked it back up since. Went to two birthday parties this past weekend for nephew and a niece, had to leave after just a few minutes. Noise and commotion really get to me and I get so nervous and shaky. Hope you love school and get straight A's!