We are scared. what should we do?

its a long story. it started with my partner waking up with a headache two and a half weeks ago. After 3 days I had her convinced in going to the ER. They treated the migraine and sent her home with the same headache. Over a week goes by and she still has the headache. I took her back to our local ER. They did a CT. The radiologist thinks he saw a aneurysm. They transport her to a bigger hospital. They did a contrast CT. The radiologist says no she has no aneurysm. They treated for the headache and send her home after 3 days.That was on Sunday. On Tuesday morning we get a call from the hospital to return. A couple of other radologist went over the CT and found an aneurysm that measures 8.5 x4.3mm. When we got to the hospital things happened that got me upset. Lack of communication from the attending doctor. Tests were ordered that I at first didnt understand why and no one would answer me. I got extremely upset and vocal. And no attending doctor to answer them either. Finally after a lumbar puncture and 6 hours pass a nero surgeon comes in and tells us we have an option. Surgery or wait. And he would be willing to take her on as a patient. But I don’t have confidence in him. Then to top off my bad feelings she orders supper and informs them of allergies.like tomatoes, mushroom and cherry. Her sandwich comes and it has a tomatoe on the plate next to the sandwich. Now I don’t trust the hospital at all with her care. I /we need help. We need a reliable hospital an helpful surgeon.

Trust ur instincts. Go find another hospital. Where are u? There are alot of people here from different parts if the country. I’m in NJ and my doctor was fantastic and I would highly recommend him.

U need a proper CT scan with contrast and an MRA.

I’m with Dulce, Find another hospital soon. I’m in Florida - went to Shands in Gainsville, They are wonderful! Trust your instincts. You know when somethings not right. Best of luck to ya.