Watch and wait

Has there been anyone whos annies never grew or ruptured?

Hi Reesie, I know your fear trust me! I have 4 unruptured aneurysms which we've been watching since 1980, the largest being 6mm basiliar tip.......and only now am looking at my options because they're growing and one has a daughter with yearly check-ups they will keep a close eye on yours. But, if you don't feel comfortable a second opinion might help..mine, Didn't rupture, but grew.

Thank you dee for answeting my post. Ive been so scared because during my research havent ran across anyone like you. As for my drs. Ive already got a second opinion and the results where the same watc and wait. Ive even changed drs as the first one was to nonchalant for me. I feel more comfortable with the new one now but still living with alot of anxiety. Funny howthe drs tell you to “not worry about it” this is basically impossible. Good luck to you …god bless.

Reesie, The fear can overtake us at times. I am glad you have a new doctor that you are comfortable with. That helps a lot. How often do you have imaging done? I am on once a year for an area that my surgeon thinks may be a new one forming.

Take care,

~ Carol

Very Good of my brain aneurysm's is 2mm and hasn't grown to date...will be checked again this year...but it has been 2mm the last 3 other annie was coiled...~ Colleen

My two drs opinions where not not only in size but not to wait based on location and much higher risk if SAH occurs

Good luck with your procedure. Please keep us posted on your peogress.

Since diagnosed in dec 13 ive had one ct snd a mri. Due for another mri in aug 2014

Mine havent altered in 4yrs. My surgeon is very happy to watch and wait although did tell me some people are just too anxious to live with them and in some situations he will clip/coil. Ive more or less been able to forget about mine and get on with life but the last 6 months they seem to be on my mind constantly........quite literally!!