Was anyone else awake during their follow up angiogram?

Hi Jen,

I was awake for all 5 of mine. They gave me a mild sedative. The worst part for me was right after the insisson,

when they stared running the catheter in my groin area. It felt like someone stabbed me with a screwdriver.

I too saw lighting bolts when the dye was injected. I go in for my follow up angiogram on May 18th. I'm not so nervous anymore and I know I'm only in there for a short time. AS for when you get home, it is very important to take it easy and relax. I also brusied pretty bad after a couple of my angiograms.

Take care

Hi Paul, thanks for sharing your experience. Glad to hear you do well, wow five is a lot. How do you do with the MRI-MRA, have you had many? I am thankful for this site so we can share our story and concerns. So you saw the lights too, most that have responded to this discission did too. Relaxation is key you are right. Makes an already hard situation a bit easier, instead of adding more stress. God Bless you, Jen