Was anyone else awake during their follow up angiogram?

I was told by my Doctor that I was the first person to be completely awake during an angiogram. At the time I didn't think to ask more questions. My main concern was to get the procedure over with and go home.

Sue, thank you, so this can be done. Did your Doctor go up your leg with an angiocatheter? For me it was the strangest thing especially when he shot the dye in to take the pictures. He had me hold my breath, my eyes were closed and I remember seeing streaks of lightening. Does this happen to you? Anyway I will see my Dr. soon and I want to ask him what he meant. I'm thinking that because the Anesthesiologist was late, she couldn't sedate me in time due to the Drs. schedule. Maybe what he meant was that I was the only person to be awake the whole time because when a person is sedated they may be in and out of awareness or sleeping. I would of prefered to of been out of it, so to speak. I am allergic to the dye so I have to take meds to counter act the dye. Which I wonder if that is why I get a rapid heart rate during the angios. I can't help but wonder how safe all this is. Since the after effects I am experiencing all started after my stent and coiling was done four years ago. I am glad to hear that after 19 years you are ok. God Bless you, Jen

HI Jen...I am awake for all of my angiograms...they give me something to relax me...but I am awake...like Sue...I wish I were asleep...

I was awake for 3 of them and "i don't remember the last' one..only remember him saying hold your breath and close your eyes...i think it was something to erase my memory. I'll take that though,,,,I like that part of "unknown"...lol take care.


Thanks Colleen, when you had your angio, did your Doctor put the catheter through your leg? Also did you see streaks of lightning when the dye was shot in and the pictures were taken? I will never forget looking up at the many screens that the images are on, while my Dr. was taking the pictures. When I saw the black circle, he didn't have to say a word. I was elated I knew that my prayers were answered. :] I agree with you and Sue. I would like to be out or at least sedated. The main thing is, I got through it and whatever they gave me after was amazing. I felt no pain and couldn't stop smiling. I asked my nurse something like where can I get more haha! She said "You can't get this over the counter or on the street." I have a video of me after the angiogram acting silly. I should upload it, we have to find some kind of humor in this process. Take care, Jen

Hi Karen, wouldn't it be nice if it would erase all the bad memories, my problem is I tend to remember everything. Although my short term isn't that great at times. I have to have an MRA soon, are you done with your test now since you've had three? I was told after I hit the five year mark I won't have to get tested as often. God Bless you, Jen

Sue, amazing to hear your story, you are a miracle. The more I learn here, the better I feel about the word Aneurysm. I sometimes feel like this journey I am on will make me a stronger and better person. God has really been helping me through many challenges. Take care

HI Jen...Like you I have to prep for the dye with steroid and benadryll...which makes me jumpy...I hate that feeling...so I am glad they give me something because it relaxes me...I only felt alittle pinch when they put a needle in my goin to give me a local anesthia there ... so I wouldn't feel anything...and I really didn't...the dye makes me feel like I have to pee...and yes... I saw the lights...my Doctor told me that is when they light up the brain with the dye...I felt fairly good for 2 days ... but then I got sick for about 2 weeks ... they nipped an artery and they put a "mynx" in to stop it from bleeding...and it looked like a tent in my goin and felt very painful...I don't think my body likes foreign things...hahahah...~ Have a Great Sunday ~ Cyber~prayers your way Colleen

Hi Jen,

I was put under a conscious sedation (which my understanding is that you're awake, but don't remember), but did wake up at one point, looked at the computer screen above me and starting asking the doctor what I was looking at LOL! He asked me what I was doing awake, then told the tech to put me back under! Then I was more aware while they applied the pressure on the artery after they pulled out the thingy. That wasn't fun. -Carolyn

Wow...that is great Carolyn...

I was fully awake ... talking, listening and seeing...except when I was coiled...~

Hi Colleen,

I like it my way better! LOL

Sue, I think your posting does belong here. You're a survivor like the rest of us and your rupture was 19 years ago! Wow! You will give so many others the knowledge that beating this thing is attainable. I didn't have a rupture, so I sort of feel "guilty" for calling myself a survivor. I always have. They found my annie BEFORE it ruptured and I do feel blessed.

Hi Jo, first of all I've been wanting to talk to you. I think you are an amazing woman. I read some of your posts. Wow you have had a lot happen in a short time, and you are so positive. If you did it the first time you can do it again. You will be fine, if you ask they can give you something that is like being asleep. Some of us were awake, some were sedated. Some like me were awake with no sedation. We all have done it and you can too. Don't think about it untill you have to, six months is a long way away. One step at a time, don't get ahead of yourself, your doing great! God Bless you, Jen

Colleen are you serious? Your allergic too? Not that it makes me feel better but I was starting to think I was the only. Haha we are so much alike. We need to plan a time to chat.

Hi Carolyn, so you were sedated nice. Love your story, and your humor. We all can use more laughs. I was suppose to be sedated but the anesthesiologists was late and when she did arrive her tray of my meds tipped over. My Doctor looked at me and said your going to be awake. Guess they had to stay on scheduale. At least they gave me something great after haha!

Hi Jen....

Yes, I was also awake during my first exam after my c-scan showed my 4 aneurysm's. I can remember being told also to hold my breath as the scope was traveling to my brain.

But the one thing that really freaked me out was, if you were like me, I was told to lay flat and my right very still, once I was taken back to my room. Then very soon after that, my vision in both eyes, everything turned yellow. It was almost like someone had painted everything yellow. called for nurse, and was told to relax, that the dye was the blame for it. My viion stayed that way for about 30 minute

So yes i totally understand then asnwer oncerning the post-op time after the angiogram.

Marion hello, Yes I had to stay still as well. I didn't see yellow after my angio but I had a migraine aura which is blinding colors, silver zig zag lines and flashing light ect. The dye issue crossed my mind but I have only had dye three times but have had numerous migraine aura. So I'm not sure for me the cause is from the dye. Happy for you that it went away. Sorry to hear you have four aneurysm's. How are you doing so far? God Bless you Jen

Morning Jen...

thanks for asking! My aneurysm surgery was in 2008. It was a long and hard year in recovery. My largest annie was 9mm on the anterior communicating artery, 6mm in the (L) INA and 4mm in the (L) MCA. I also had a 2mm in the (R) MCA that wasn't clipped, but is being monitored with scans every 6 months. Last scan showed increase in size to 2.3mm and a new 2mm annie was found in the MCa posterior branching.

I'm doing well and blessed!! Still have short term memory and had a TIA last year, and I am in speech therapy still. Was diganosed with what's called "foot drop" with the weakness on the left side of my body. In physical therapy for that. will finish it up the end of May.

As we all know here that has gone thru such, that it's def life changing!! But each new day, each new year that is given to us....it is truly a gift from God.

Hope you are doing well and blessings over you.


Marion, thank you for sharing. You have been through a lot and you are so positive, I see where it is coming from, as you are putting your trust in God. So you only have two that are being watched now? I agree with you every day is a gift from God. When we can look at it like that, we can rest in him. We can pray that we can and will be healed. Although God knows what is best for us and how long we will be here on this earth. So I choose to be like you and decide that I will cherish every day. Helping people is the best way for me to get my mind of of me. I am so thankful that we all have each other to share our stories and support one another. I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless you, Jen

Hi Paula, I agree I thought they were going to put me out for my angio, didn't happen. How are you holding up? I read your profile page and am sorry to hear you are having another procedure? You are an incredible woman and if you did it then you can do it now. God Bless you, jen