Wait and watch MRI results - all's good!

Hi all~

Just wanted to send a quick note out to help ease some of you that are on the wait and watch program....I had a rupture in 2010 with emergency coiling, had to return a month later for more coiling on the same annie. Since that time I have had a 2cm or 2mm residual neck of the annie (I say cm or mm because the doctor reports state both although I can't imagine it to be more than the 2mm). I have had two follow up MRI/MRA's with the most recent being last Friday the 13th - how's that for a lucky number!

As it turns out 13 is a very good number and there was no change in the residual. Although I could undergo another coiling surgery and have a stent inserted with additional coils, I have chosen not to do this and the docs are all happy that there has been no changes. So I will continue on a six month wait and watch routine for a little while longer.

Best part of all this is that I truly do not feel as if there is a ticking time bomb in my head, I feel well, am well rested, and although I can't do everything I did before, I am very happy with where I am, and am confident that this will be the path for me.

Hope this helps to make others feel more comfortable and may help those who are facing decisions on whether to coil, clip, wait and watch, or what other options they may need to consider. Good luck to all and may you continue to be blessed in your recoveries!

That's fantastic news! Thanks for sharing this - can you post it under the group "success stories" too? We need lots of these stories! And your attitude is great too - thank you.

Hi Lesley,

Thanks for Sharing your great news, I too had a coiling (6 weeks ago) and am also on a watch n wait, for an additional 4mm anne, always good to hear positive feedback.

Best wishes


I am so glad that you got such wonderful news! I too have a residual neck on my coiled aneurysm that ruptured in 2007. I have also chosen to wait and watch. My rupture was four years ago the beginning of this month and my last check was in November and all was stable. I have another MRA in November of this year. Again, great news! Stay well.

Hi Jaycie~

I thought I had posted under success stories - guess I still don't quite know how all these links work! Another side affect that lets me know I am human and not the perfectionist I used to be - so grateful for that knowledge now and to know it's ok to just let things go. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!